Lindsay Lohan allowed near milkshakes again

April 27th, 2010 // 55 Comments

Because sanitary is her middle name, Lindsay Lohan was invited back to Millions of Milkshakes last night where she made a drink that was auctioned off for charity or whatever bullshit Mr. Millions had to tell himself to sleep at night. Personally, I don’t see how Lindsay Lohan could entice families to frequent an establishment but I might be short-selling the appeal of watching a drug addict pass out in the gummy bears. “Mommy, why’d that lady put all that sugar in her nose? Is she a candy?”

Photos: WENN

  1. I am a horny motherfucker and I wouldn’t touch that beast with a ten foot pole. Especially my ten foot pole.



  2. MidwestMayham

    That isn’t a milkshake.

  3. Mr. Mister

    I’d hit that like Tyson!

  4. Sport

    She has the skankiest, scariest, splotchy, crusty skin, hands and face – makes me sick.

  5. tony romo

    i had a special milkshake for her here.

  6. LJ

    What’s this 40 year old woman doing hawking milkshakes?

    Oh, she’s only 23?

    My bad.

  7. yayo

    ali,shave that disgusting Unibrow, you sure had the money for buy a gillete

  8. Crack Dealers of America

    How much for the crack – shake?

  9. gIRL

    I would love for her to clean up her act, I used to love her so much she was my idolllll

  10. Seriously, what’s with the eyebrows on Ali? She looks like Frieda Kahlo in the thumbnails.

  11. jake

    Is Lindsay that much of a strung out, doped up addict that she does not know when she appears in public, as a celebrity that you should AT THE VERY LEAST, make sure your nail polish is done?

    Every single picture of this girl that is published, her nails ALWAYS look dirty and filthy with chipped, falling off nail polish. Her hands alone are the number 1 clue that she is addict drug fiend- DISGUSTING!

  12. Photoshop Police

    The Analogy:

    Celebrities promoting for Millions of Milkshakes

    is like…

    A former model working at a Hooters.

    A former 6 figure CEO of a Fortune 500 company working at McDonalds

    Former Rap Stars doing Cash Into Gold commercials on late night TV

    Former TV Show Hosts selling Collectible Presidential Plates

    …are we at rock bottom yet?

  13. Ashley

    No gloves, no hairnet. I bet that shake had all sorts of funk dangled into it.

  14. Jen

    now ali is going to be the cash cow and lindsay and her mother can both whore her out now that lindsays days are over!

  15. Tek

    Oh, an Ali Lohan sighting… LMAO @ the black crayon painted eyebrows! And Lindsay doesn’t look a day past 36!

  16. xylus

    Seems about right…. her vaginal discharge has been looking like a shamrock shake for years now….

  17. It Has To Be Said

    2 girls 1 cup

  18. bar room hero

    STD shake.

    or a herpe-coloda.

  19. pimp

    Ali is a hideous beast…if given the choice of eating Lindsay’s shit splattered ass or fucking Ali, i’m eating the shitty ass every tiime…

  20. Ballard Public Library


    P.S. Betty Draper, stop reading these comments and get back to work… :=)

  21. god

    Whos the old lady beside her in pic #10.

    God they’re both hideous.

  22. oh i know

    Poor Ali Lohan; you KNOW you’re fugly when you make LINDSAY look good… :0

  23. arealcad


    Dirt-pipe Milkshake.

  24. Valentina

    @13 @16, forgot what my comment was due to laughing my ass off at yours.

  25. Giorgio!

    Maybe its just me but I think Lohan looks really pretty for a change, very do able.

  26. Sardonic

    Relieved to see her back at suitable work. Who needs a film role when you can push a blender button?

  27. Why is Los Angeles County Health Department allowing this STD incubator and potential communicable disease vector even allowed to enter an establishment that serves consumable food products meant for human consumption.

  28. TwoInchesOfMeat

    look two girls and a cup

  29. Jennifer

    Why is the little sister wearing a holey sweater?

  30. So why is this STD inucbator and potential infectious disease vector even allowed to handle food service equipment in a public dining establishment. Where is the LA Country Health Dept when you need them?

  31. Jennifer…because ALI is going to CHURCH. The Church of the immaculate SKANK.

  32. GIRL

    HHAHHAHAHAH! how do you guys know she has STDs i mean really? Is there something i dont know?

  33. GIRL

    I can’t believe this happened. You just stole my name. :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  34. Lindsay Lohan was invited back to Millions of Milkshakes last night where she made a drink that was auctioned off for charity

  35. GIRL


  36. Not you!

    lindsay’s face is starting to look like kim k’s its all buffy with weird swollen cheek bones and lips! They must be seeing the same doc

  37. The first thing is to make it clear what the style of your dress is and what you are going to outline which part of your body. For instance, are you intending to show your long legs or sexy foot fingers? After that, your task is to find the shoes for you.

  38. babyboy

    I don’t think Lindsay looks like the hard drugs addict everybody would like her to be.. On the contrary, she does look radiant in these pics, nail polish aside..

    I so would like to see pics of people throwing shit on her, I have the impression many of them don’t have a good relationship with mirrors.. Or skinny jeans..

  39. How can i get a body like jennifer a in 1 week?
    I only need to lose about 4 lbs.
    But what exercise and stuff do I need to do?

  40. Lindsay looks better here than the last time at MoM.

    It’s good to see Lindsay and Ali holding down a regular job. Maybe it will build character.

    @ 13 – XD

    @ 34 – “how do you guys know she has STDs i mean really?”
    It seems inconceivable that she wouldn’t have STDs.

  41. gen

    WOW Ali is unattractive. God damn, not even plain, but flat out ugly.

  42. captain america


  43. Looks like my 70 year old neighbor. No joke.
    Tell you a story, used to have mountains, hills have temple, the temple has a monk. . .

  44. Sophie

    Why is it the in thing to look like your homeless in Los Angeles. These girls need to keep up with their hair.

  45. Jade

    Lindsay looks strung out as usual and that hair color doesn’t suit her. She should go back to red. Ali doesn’t look bad: I think she can be a really pretty girl if she would tone down on the eyebrow pencils a bit. I mea, even Audrey Hepburn, who was notorious for those drawn in eyebrows only did that in photoshoots– not in real life.

  46. well, she is working in this down economy, so thats good. how long till she falls out of her top at this place.

  47. sweetcaroline

    lindsay lohan is a loser who has no idea how to make herself look good. that black hair and all the makeup? really. she’s pathetic. and her poor sister is well on her way (if not already there) to being a complete loser as well. copying her sister’s taste, evidently not getting an education and fooling herself into thinking she has some sort of talent, tagging along her stupid big sister, making milkshakes… really. however screwed up these girls’ parents are, i find it a little shocking that they are so stupid that they can’t realize all this themselves anyway.

  48. toothepoint

    I want to create a time-machine, take this main pic and show it to Lindsay as she was just starting out.. this would scare anyone straight.

    Potential film star to… selling milkshakes. People scoff at McDonalds but they make BILLIONS. This place sells.. milkshakes.

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