Lindsay Lohan addicted to OxyContin


Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael Lohan, is claiming that Lindsay is being treated for the powerful painkiller OxyContin in addition to her drug and alcohol addiction. He tells E!:

“I spoke to the people treating Lindsay, because I wanted to make sure she was getting the right care. And I’m satisfied they are doing the right thing for her, helping her detox from the painkillers and things. That’s a very important step. And I learned they use the 12-step program which includes a lot of lessons based on God’s teachings, so I was satisfied with that. First she needs to get clean, then she needs to let God into her life.”

Keep in mind this guy was also just released from jail and is estranged from his daughter. The guy who works at Starbucks and saw Lindsay Lohan from across the street one time probably has a closer relationship with her than this guy.