Lindsay Lohan

20040927_lohan.jpgLindsay Lohan is featured in the latest issue of GQ and has decided to address such pressing topics like the popularity of her breasts and the strange appeal that her boyfriend has to girls.

What are [people] trying to do by saying I’m ‘baring it all?’ Go pick on someone else. It’s getting a little old. Like, I didn’t get implants–deal with it!…I can be kind of negative, sometimes, with the whole boyfriend situation. I get very insecure. Just because there are a lot of girls who like [Fez].

If you couldn’t tell, I smooshed two completely unrelated quotes into a single weird quote so that it would sound like Lindsay Lohan somehow associates her breasts with Fez from That 70’s Show. And I know he has a real name, but to me he’ll always be the funny-haired foreign kid who speaks with a strange accent and hangs out in Eric’s basement.

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