Lindsay Lohan

llohan2.jpgI’ve tried to ignore her for so long, but it looks like the Lindsay Lohan flood has finally hit the shores of The Superficial. And despite how horrible that analogy was, the fact remains that you can’t go three sites without some mention of her nipples showing, her breasts popping out, or her…well…boobs. Unsurprisingly, the internet community cares less about Lindsay’s work and more about that unbelievable rack of hers. At age 17, Lindsay seems to have hit puberty in a hard way. So hard, in fact, that her growing breasts have left scars. You know what else leaves scars? Surgery.

I honesty don’t understand all the hype surrounding Lindsay. Yes, she has big boobs and yes she has trouble keeping them in her shirts, but that’s not really so different than most other celebrities out there. The only difference between Lindsay Lohan and say Keira Knightley, is that Keira has a pretty face to go along with those nipples of hers.

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