Lindsay & Ali Lohan learn to surf

April 30th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Here’s shots of Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali taking surfing lessons in Maui yesterday, and I gotta hand it to Lindsay. This whole “vacation” is probably the smartest thing she’s ever done. I mean, what else does Lindsay have now that her lesbian relationship is over? It’s pretty obvious her immediate reaction was “I need to get these puppies in a bikini and in front of some paps STAT! Just as soon as I climb out of this storm drain I slipped through. Dammit…”


  1. Danklin24

    Is it bad that i’d totally slam her sister?

  2. Tim Tebow

    i’d stick it in both of them,get a little cross contamination going.

  3. cuntychops

    I’d fuck them both till I got bored.

  4. Where is Jaws when we need him?

  5. inspector gidget

    Well, her sister is hot as hell. Keep her away from the rest of the family.

  6. lain

    It looks as if Ali has a new set of teeth! And her breasts look really fake. I had doubts before, but I am now convinced they let that 14 year old get implants…

  7. Wally MoFongo

    Waiting till the clock strikes 18.

  8. Sandy

    1. Lindsay is wearing the swimsuit Tara Reid should wear.

    2. There needs to be an “ultra rapid aging” exception to the consent law, because Ali is already way past 18 in lohan years. When she’s 18 human years, she’ll be 30 lohan years.

  9. star_bury

    Pic 2 – Is it even called a nipple “slip” when it’s that blatant?

  10. 2b

    why are they so damn white after spending all that time in the sun? what happened to the fake tan?

  11. devilrain

    They dont look a day over 40

  12. lt bob

    With apologies to Indiana Jones:

    It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

    I think of that quote every time I see this girl.

  13. Bobaloo

    I just realized the sister bears a resemblance to the ex-girlfriend, especially in pic 15. Coincidence?

  14. Randal

    Good looks continue to spread through the Lohan family tree, as seen by her sister Ali. Yet, let’s not take anything away from the fires of creation that Lindsay will always be. Fire meets water and water turns to steam!


  15. Melissa

    Whomever the doctor was that put those water bags in Ali needs to be shut down. Disgusting… it’s so obvious.

  16. mike

    Never thought I’d see the day – Randal just make a herpes joke.

  17. frank the dolphin

    It’s about time Ali took over the Lohan paparazzi mantle. Lindsay needs to retire those saggy puppies of hers.

  18. Ram Punchington

    They aren’t surfing.
    The ocean is just spitting them out.

    Punchington Out

  19. horgar

    this isn’t surfing but it’s not bad either.

  20. chango666

    Damn, I would fuck lil sis Ali with Samantha Ronson’s dick

  21. chango666

    @ #9 star_bury . . .

    you need new glasses if you see a nipple in that pic . . . wow . .

  22. Mujaki

    I remember Ali Lohan getting interviewed on Letterman a few months back. Dave looked ready to tear her a new one… until she opened her mouth and revealed that despite how much make-up or how many push-up bras Dina has stuck her in, she was still very much a 13-year old girl. She even made the fairly self-aware remark “I don’t know how I ended up on your show.” And David Letterman did the smartest thing he could do – he talked to her. She seemed to enjoy the talk, which saddened me a bit. If the most conversation she’s had in a long time came from David Letterman, than something is very wrong in the Lohan Household.

  23. Fas(c)hionista

    Yeah, Mujaki, but he introduced her as Lindsey Lohan.

    I see these two doing sister girl-on-girl hardcore porno the day after Ali turns 18.

  24. Mike Hawk

    Epic Fail

  25. dirk

    How do you stay florescent in Hawaii?

  26. Deacon Jones


    It’s bad if you wouldn’t.

  27. chango666

    @1 Is it bad that i’d totally slam her sister?

    Fuck yeah, if you mean Ali’s sister . . .

  28. beezy

    ali has fake tits…….isnt she a little young?

  29. beezy

    ali has fake tits…….isnt she a little young?

  30. KK

    Why isn’t the little one in school?

  31. foraz

    Those boards a fucking ridiculously huge. Are the using SUP boards without paddles or something?

  32. cee

    You know the pencil test, where you know you have saggy boobs if you can hold a pencil under there? Lindsay could hold a Sunday NY Times up with those giant flapjacks.

    And they both have that permanent “eww what’s that smell?” expession on their faces. Big turnoff.

  33. pappy smeary

    enough with these freckle-faced fucks, we get it… i dont wanna see either of these two again till you have a pic of some labia hangin out

  34. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? I hope those are not breast implants on lil Ali, cause those muffins are way too young for stuffin…

  35. Hmmm lets see! shell look a lot like her mom! but im not able to tell if shes going to be prettier than lilo though…only time will tell!

  36. herbiefrog

    school ?

    no other subject needed…

    bye bye babe : )

  37. v tard

    @22 Mujaki:
    That…that actually broke my heart a little. What a fucked up way to grow up.

  38. Samiam

    Look at her trying to turn on the charm with that big grin. It doesn’t work anymore. She’s like an old dog with cancer that tries to be all energetic and play fetch with you the way it did when it was young, but when it barks it sounds like all hoarse and piteous, and you just want to cry.

  39. sm

    nice fake cans on the 15 yr old sister

  40. keep up with the facts, please.
    ………………THIS WOMAN ID DYING, folks!!

  41. Randal's Evil Left Nut

    Herpetic potential continues to spread through the Lohan family tree, as seen by her sister Ali. Yet, let’s not take anything away from the fire crotch that Lindsay will always be. Fire meets water and water is extinguished!

    Randal’s Evil Left Nut

  42. JANE

    Ali’s face is butt ugly… ok body though… looks very similar to her sister’s

  43. Proof postive that fish is much less fattening than protein laden spooge…

  44. joe m

    The perverts continue to stare at the body of 15 year-old Ali.
    It’s easy to see why they’re jealous.
    As beautiful as Lindsay is,Ali is probably even prettier.

  45. e-rock

    I love how everyone makes these stupid assumptions about fake tits. ALI DOES NOT HAVE IMPLANTS PEOPLE. HELLO!!! She just stuffed her bra with those little chicken cutlets. I bet you are the same people that say Lindsday’s are real. HELLO. No fucking clue people. Start talking when you know what you are talking about.

  46. Gando

    Photo 2 is promising looking but how about to stand upright on the board?

  47. Darth

    Her sis is doing a better job,she’s on her knees.

  48. Nero

    What’s the age of her sis? Anybody knows?

  49. dizzle

    Chicken cutlets do not stay in a bathing suit while youre surfing. Ali has fake tits. Its apparent in the picture that she is leaning forward on the board…they stay perfectly perky and round but look like they are trying to run away from eachother. I have fakies and mine look exactly the same as Ali’s. Lindsays are fake too.

  50. Tasha

    What brand is the bathing suit that Lindsay’s wearing?

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