Lindsay Lohan’s Still Getting Drugs in Jail

July 21st, 2010 // 45 Comments

Just in case the California Legal System hasn’t completely sucked the life out of Lindsay Lohan being in jail enough, she’s apparently still getting all her favorite pills delivered right to her cell. The pills that pretty much everyone agrees she’s hooked on and will ultimately lead to her death. — I’m suddenly okay with this. TMZ reports:

Sources connected with the Lynwood Correctional Facility tell TMZ … Lindsay’s prescriptions were being processed yesterday and she will be allowed to take several drugs, including Adderall, a psychostimulant used to treat ADHD. She also has a prescription for Ambien.

I really hope Lindsay’s learning a lot in her private cell, with her hand-delivered drugs and perpetually shortening jail sentence. It’s amazing she hasn’t cracked from all the adversity. She’s practically Gandhi.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Darth

    What jail? She isn’t in a real jail isn’t she?

    • Maybe they can give her more collagen there. Looks like she needs…I don’t know…2…no…3x more. Btw, anyone else think there should be a mandatory IQ test for existence?

      Reviewer: Yeah, so your IQ is about 82 & 3/4
      Lilo: That’s good…right?
      Reviewer: Yes. If you’re a golden retriever. Or a cabbage.

    • Robot

      No she isn’t in “real” jail the building is the same building, but she isn’t with general population. She gets her own cell and the prison is bitching about over crowding hmm I wonder why maybe it’s because people get their own cells… I say throw that bitch in with general pop she just needs to watch who she pisses off.

  2. Photoshop Police

    I wonder which gang she’ll shank first to hang on to her meds.

  3. pl0x


  4. Richard McBeef

    Erin in the banner for 4EVA

    • electricgirl

      what is that weird thing in her hair?

      • Kerri

        yeah agree, wtf is that?

      • justme

        Huh…dunno. But…I am willing to investigate.

        Dear Superficial Writer,

        Please direct Erin to my email address, number and mailing address / mom’s house. I will do the hard boiled detective work here to get to the bottom of the hair thingy.

        PS. Erin, please note, I “detect” better in my underwear.

      • TokenIrish

        In her hair? Did you ever see “There’s Something About Mary”?

  5. Vag Ina

    She is in a private cell. Big fucking deal. Cunt!

  6. Melissa

    I hope she pulls a Heath Ledger

  7. Rhialto

    Have a look at the Banner Girl.Seems to be the right choice after all.

  8. Cock Dr

    Unless she’s still has access to dilaudid she’ll probably come out alive.
    I’m convinced that she might have a Keith Richards metabolism.

  9. jimbeam

    she is going into a detox situation, she cannot be pulled off everything at once as it increases her chances for a heart attack. The worst thing a drug addict can do is go off cold turkey and then back on drugs like before. They are also more likely to catch “pnemonia” which anyone in the med field knows pnemonia is a common side effect of drug abuse because of low immune systems. If a drug addict quits all drugs at once their risk for heart attack is much higher, and when they stop and start again it is very dangerous as mentioned.

    So every time you hear celebrity + pnemonia it is drug related.

  10. bizzle

    the last thing you want when you have to sit in a cell all day and do nothing is adderall… wtf.

  11. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I hate to see her face

  12. m

    this explains why she is so “well behaved”. she’s being drugged out of her mind to be a zombie. if she was kicked out of rehab two days ago because her behavior was unacceptable, someone must have figured out they would need chemicals to help her get through her 3 seconds of jail with good behavior so she could get out in 2 seconds instead.

    • jane

      I think all she really needed was a better education, some therapy and a better environment in the first place. I think she’s just gotten herself dependent on all these chemicals from years of drug abuse, and she’s probably abusing half the prescriptions she’s on anyway. It’s not like they’ve been making her a more balanced person.

  13. Internet

    tice nits

  14. JRS22

    So if I get in some serious legal trouble would I be able to ask for the Lohan treatment?

  15. herbie the love bug

    Lilo gave me crabs but i would still take her for another ride

  16. PunkA

    I bet LiLo is detoxing as we speak. She may be getting her meds, but she is only getting her proper dosages, and I guarantee that this bitch was abusing the meds. Now she can’t, and I bet she has tremors so bad the jail in shaking. Plus, no weed, no blow, no booze, no X, nothing. Just Ambien and Adderral. bet she is a freaking mess, and that is just awesome.

  17. NEWSflash

    Always amazes me. If the Adderal is keeping her up and requires she take Ambien, chances are she is not ADHD. Just enjoying the prescribed legal speed. Adderal is a huge favorite of coke heads…

    • LALALA

      Exactly…. you shouldn’t need Ambien while on Adderal… if you do, your Adderal dosage should be reduced or you don’t actually need it at all! Otherwise though, people are acting like the meds she’s on are such a big deal… those are the only 2 that have abuse potential… the others are like for acid relux etc… and don’t play around with the brain receptors at all… Adderal is one of the most commonly prescribed ADD/ADHD meds out there and trust me, people who are addicted to coke do not substitute it with Adderal… it does not have the same effects…nor anywhere near the same strength.

      • jane

        why would a girl her age have acid reflux? probably bulimia? sometimes weird drugs like that speed your metabolism, too.

      • electricgirl

        OK those are def not the only 2 that have abuse potential…what about the dilaudid? Thats basically heroin in pill form, its the worst out of all of them.

  18. Nice to see the American Legal System is doing its part to accelerate the downward spiral. Best part here is the zillions she’ll get for telling the story of her “harrowing ordeal” in the ‘Big House.’ Real Life is no match for Celebrity Life.

  19. Dank

    How do you suck the life out of the fact someone’s in jail? That doesnt make sense.

  20. Fati87

    At least she gained some weight since the Sam Ronson times. That has to make her attractive to all those musculine lesbians in jail. Someone has got to be sitting on her face right about now.

  21. captain america

    pssst: this is the american way, folks!!

  22. Dr. Freud

    She is addicted to:
    Adderal = Amphetamine
    Ambien = Roofie Light
    Dilaudid = Synthetic Heroin

    So, the one to focus on is: Dilaudid. Since this is just like heroin, she will have a physical withdrawl in jail unless she is allowed to take it or methadone or some other lesser pain pill.

    Perhaps they will wean her down from the dilaudid to the point where when she gets out of jail she will party it up at her normal pre-jail dose and will OD and die. Or, knowing this, county jail will let her maintain her legal fix.. so when she gets out she won’t OD and die when she parties it up, causing a potential lawsuit for the Police.

    50 years ago they would have handcuffed her to a bed in the hospital ward, while she did the kicking chicken. Cold water showers and electroshock. In 2010 USA you get to laugh your ass off at the jailers while you are high as a kite. Which sounds rather nice actually.

  23. This is why i like The Superficial: freedom of speech. you can wish someone to die and it’s ok. i got banned from Gizmodo just for wishing some kids to get cancer. can you imagine that? What has the world come to?

  24. Victoria

    Yeah, she’s getting that stuff now while still in jail, but wait until the court appointed rehab… thats whats going to kill her… she’ll be UA’d and if she’s dirty, she’s going right back to jail for probation violation and she won’t be getting time off for good behavior or over crowding then… Also, it doesn’t matter what your prescribed or why you are prescribed it, in Rehab you cannot have ANY controlled substances of any kind for any reason… she thinks jail is bad, I guarantee that Rehab is going to be 10X worse for Lindsay that jail ever could be

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