Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Ended, But Not Really

The state of California can officially stop pretending it gives a shit if Lindsay Lohan completes her community service or not because the judge just ended her probation. Or at least the formal part of it because apparently she still has two and a half more years to not break the law, which she will because babies don’t run over themselves. So I honestly don’t know why we’re all making a big deal out of this. TMZ reports:

The judge took Lindsay off probation altogether in what herhonor called “the endless” 2007 DUI case. If Lindsay had not completed the terms of her probation, Judge Sautner could have sentenced her to 270 days in the pokey. When the judge terminated probation, Lindsay cracked a big smile and breathed a huge sigh of relief.
As for the necklace heist case, Judge Sautner said Lindsay completed community service at the morgue, therapy and the shoplifter’s course — so her formal probation is now informal probation, and all Lindsay has to do is OBEY ALL LAWS for the next 2 1/2 years. Sautner said, “I know it’s kinda hard when people are following you all of the time, but that’s the life you chose.”

She then added. “Just kidding! I know it’s kinda easy when the court repeatedly bends right over and lets you put your penis in our legal butts at the drop of a hat. See? See us bending over? Now stick that freckly ol’ penis on in here. Don’t be shy.”

Photo: Splash News