Lindsay Lohan’s Leaving Rehab This Week. Oh, Good.

Because two weeks is just as good as ninety days, it’s now “very possible” Lindsay Lohan’s doctors in rehab will sign off on her release this week, according to TMZ. Even worse, this will effectively prove Michael Lohan right and now we’ll never hear the end of it. Via Radar Online:

“My prediction is that Lindsay will get out of rehab early, probably still be on some kind of prescription drugs, she’ll go right back to work and go back to hanging out with the same people and everything will once again fall apart. And this will only have been a band aid.”

Apparently the doctors at UCLA have concluded that Lindsay is not bipolar – You don’t say? – but also that her drug addictions are “not as severe as first thought.” Mind you this a facility that’s been allowing Lindsay Lohan to mentor other addicts, so I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out they’ve been tricked by a dorm room full of sophomores in lab coats. “Dude, this is totally the rehab center. Just set her down next to the Dreamcast and that decorative vase that I swear isn’t a bong. Watch the Scarface poster!”

Photos: Splash News