Lindsay Lohan’s Hosting SNL

Seen here arriving at LAX yesterday – *puts on helmet*Lindsay Lohan’s VMA appearance has reportedly landed her talks to host Saturday Night Live in December, according to NY Daily News:

Given her willingness to be the brunt of a joke on Sunday’s “VMA’s,” it’s likely “SNL” will feed on her recent courtroom and jail shenanigans.
“We never comment on upcoming hosts until they’re announced,” said an “SNL” spokeswoman.

Phew. For a minute there I thought Lindsay might start to lose her sense of entitlement and realize her actions do have consequences thus causing her to reevaluate the direction of her life. Thanks, SNL! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to sell insurance policies to every daycare in Los Angeles. “Oh, what, you think concrete walls are going to stop a Maserati? Pfft. That’s what she wants you to think. Now let’s be grown ups and talk about how many kids she’s going to vehicularly manslaughter in front of your face…”

Photos: Splash News