Lindsay Lohan’s Guest Starring On ‘Glee’ Now

Back in 2010, Lindsay Lohan threatened to sue Glee after Gwyneth Paltrow made a joke about Lindsay going to rehab during a cameo. Needless to say, the whole thing was retarded. Jump to today, where reports are now coming in that Lindsay is guest starring on Glee except here’s the part where I actually did something that just barely passes as journalism: Both E! News and People cite Lindsay’s rep as their source, while the original report from TVLine only cites an “inside source” who it’s safe to assume is Dina Lohan in a mustache. So is Lindsay Lohan really starring on Glee, or did Lindsay Lohan turn to her mom and rep and say, “Wouldn’t it be so hilarious if I was on Glee?” before they all drink enough gin to convince themselves that really happened and started firing off press releases? Because I’m going with that last one and not just because I’m holding a fax that reads, “Lindsay Lohan!!!! Elected The Pesident of Pretty Cuz She So God At Acgint.”

Photos: Splash News