Lindsay Lohan’s Giant Breasts in a Sports Bra

June 14th, 2010 // 78 Comments

Someone apparently thought it’d be a great idea to invite Lindsay Lohan to a fitness event, so here she is at the MuscleMilk Light Retreat on Saturday where she pretended to take boxing lessons. I say “pretend” because it’s pretty much a given Lindsay can’t take a punch or she’ll explode into the world’s first cloud of blow capable of snorting itself. “Darn, I disintegrated. — PAAARTY!”

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  1. steez
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  2. Doc
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    She looks SO much better with a little weight on her…

  3. Doc
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    And FIRST bitches!!!

  4. angie
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    She actually looks fresh faced here.

  5. disgruntled
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    Could be worse.

  6. ironcorn
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  7. angie

    She actually looks fresh faced here. No giant fake lips or globs of makeup. Decent.

    • Someone

      Fresh faced are you kidding? More like shit faced…she looks like she got beat up. what pictures are you looking at

  8. infused
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  9. goon
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    happy in an unartificial way

  10. sadasdasd
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    She looks beautiful here!

  11. sadasdasd
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    The prettiest i’ve seen her look in a LONG time, should keep it up! Love the hair too

  12. banana
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    sobriety suits her, the sad thing is it never seems to last long with her. she looks reallly good for the first time in a long while.

  13. Haha
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  14. I don't get it
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    She’s just so ugly – who cares about anything she does?

  15. PabloHoney

    Say what you will, but I’d hit it.

  16. MK

    Sports bras have mega padding to hold em in…….

    • justifiable

      Come on, they’re not Wonderbras. The thicker microfiber is to prevent nip show-thru at the gym, it’s not “mega padding to hold them in.”

      • MK

        They are very padded I have a shock absorder 4 which is for D cup and over and it is has moulded cups and padding which makes you look bigger but also hold your boobs flat for jumping around….do you wear one?

      • EmmaLynn

        Umm, been wearing sports bras for years and out of the hundreds I have owned nope…not one with “mega padding”. justifiable, think I’ll have to back you on this one.

      • Rebeccah

        LOL, if you’ve been wearing a sports bra for years and never noticed padding you must be tiny and buying from the little girl’s section.

      • Rebeccah

        Nevermind, I just made an ass of myself. This is what becomes of you when you’re an insomniac and you decide to have 3 children. OMG.

      • Birtney

        All the sports bras I have are not padded lmao. You must get yours from victoria secret. Pretty much all their bras have padding.

  17. MK


  18. turd da third

    Maybe they could put the alchohol bracelet around one of her tits? That would be a new look She is so nehhhhhh looking,, too bad they couldn’t knock all those ugly freckles off her

  19. captain america

    without the bra……………….GRAVITY WINNS, folks!!

  20. Jade
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    She doesn´t look fit to me. Thin, yes. Fit, light years from it. But the guys will probably appreciate the boobs.

    You know, sometimes I feel sorry for her. I mean, she had a great career at her feet, but couldn´t handle the stardom. Now she´s a drug snorting slut grasping at straws. If I were her mom I´d be ashamed of myself

  21. mel gibson
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    I’d box those fun bags

  22. boogieman


  23. FrankNfrtr

    I think this is an effort to show how “healthy” she is to the industry. No one in their right mind will hire her now……instead they are taking bets in the celebrity death pools on when she will overdose.
    Those are some big boobs. It would be a shame for a girl with boobs like that to overdose. Stay alive Lilo!

  24. danny
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    Man, that sister of hers is way ugly.

  25. aaron
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    i likey me some lindsay sideboob.

    i would knock on those crackerbags untli the sun came up.

  26. Minty

    She has breast implants- when people go on about how she has such big boobs- yes she does! And she paid a lot of money for them!

    I agree that this is her attempt at showing how healthy she is now. Poor girl. always looking for outward approval. This is what happens when you have shitty parents.

  27. Jay Jeffries

    “And in this corner, standing 5-6 and weighing 95 lbs, always ready to do blow or blow a dude, the disaster who’s always plastered, Lindsay BLOWWWWWhannnnnn…”

  28. Richport's Ghost

    Nice mommy tummy, you stupid coke-whore.

  29. RasputinsLiver


    Goddamn she’s fugly.

    Really hate the sight of the befreckled-all-over washed out carcass of hers and that bimbo-blonde hairjob.

    Bitch looks terrible and totally unfuckable.


  30. banksy
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    sorta looks like clyde from Any Which Way but Loose”

  31. Nameless

    For an alcholic hooker, she is fit. But I guess a diet of coke, cigarettes and booze can do that for you.

    Now she has to work out. With that SCRAM bracelet, she’s forced to actually eat.

    Is that her sister in the background, love how they edited her fug mug out of most of the shots.

  32. I must admit, I would tit f*ck her… and then cry myself to sleep in a corner.

  33. Drew
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    Ironically enough Jade, I’d be ashamed of having her (Dina) as a mom.

  34. skinnyfat
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    She’s the classic skinny-fat. Skinny but completely untoned and flabby

  35. !

    She looks alot better than in other pics. And shes not a twig. GJ Lindsay.

  36. she is hot you all are just jealous

  37. bar room hero

    It would be fun to bop this slag.

  38. bar room hero
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    she would be fun to F U C K.

    though one may need an abundance of lubricant as hard drinking/ drunken slags usually suffer from pbp (peanut butter pussy)

  39. Carissa
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    I don’t like this site as much now. But she does look a lot better, oddly enough.

  40. eheeeee
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    She’s surprisingly cute.

  41. Katie
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    Skinny fat! I bet she’s at about 29-30% body fat here even though she’s “thin”.

  42. hiho
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    Ewww, theres ugly little sis Ali in the background making a dorky face. How did Alli get hit with the fugly stick? Both the parents aren’t that ugly, unless…Dina Lohan, well she is a hoe, banged some ugly guy and ali is the, well, milk mans kid!!! Oh ya, Y do we have to read about ugly guys with little dicks and how they would pound that, hit that, knock those crackerbags until the sun came out. Good, we know, save those precious minutes of your lame life and spare me the detes please

  43. Sardonic


  44. YoureGay

    Damn, I usually hate this cunt… but she’s looking hot and very fuckable here.

  45. Deano

    she is a bit of a mess but I would totally hit that!!!!!!Motorboat!!!!

  46. Mr. Bean

    Falcon Punch!

  47. xuc
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    Used. Up.

  48. Boodiba
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    She DOES look fresh faced & cute.

  49. Marcus

    Does it hurt to get punched in the cunt? Cause I’d sure hit it….

  50. Jimboooo!


    That is ALL.

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