Lindsay Lohan’s Getting a New Judge

Lindsay’s still in rehab, so you’re getting the porn version. Adapt.

The judge presiding over Lindsay Lohan’s case recused herself today after the DA’s office raised objections to a bunch of shit that makes absolutely no sense to me. Popeater reports:

Judge Marsha Revel’s surprise move is in response to allegations from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office that she improperly held meetings with defense attorneys in Lohan’s DUI case. Lawyers also took issue with Revel’s dialogue with other experts in the case, as well as a rehab center she had considered for Lohan’s sentence.
According to the LA Times, Revel stepped aside Friday just before prosecutors could file paperwork to request the change.
Judge Elden Fox is now handling Lohan’s case.

I’m not even going to pretend to understand what sort of legal etiquette was broken here, so I’m just going to hurl wild accusations that the entire California legal system was photographed sleeping naked by Michael Lohan in a successful blackmail attempt. Then again, if I had justice’s beef curtains, I wouldn’t want anyone seeing all those treadmarks either. Or O.J.’s initials. Fuck that.

Photos: Pacific Coast News