Lindsay Lohan’s Face: What The Hell Happened

March 1st, 2012 // 87 Comments

Lindsay Lohan‘s TODAY interview where she lies directly to Matt Lauer’s face aired this morning (after the jump), and probably one of the cruelest things they could’ve done is flash back to 2006 when she was only 19 with a face that doesn’t look like a blowfish. And if you’re wondering just how exactly she turned into Paula Deen minus the belly full of diabetes, Us Weekly says she went overboard on the facial fillers:

Lohan, 25, stepped out in New York City with extremely plumped-up cheeks and lips. Since she doesn’t appear to have gained weight, it’s likely that her fuller features are the result of facial fillers like Restylane or Juvederm.

For the record, I would’ve believed any theory that involved Lindsay Lohan overdoing it on something. Us Weekly could’ve said, “And then began her hopeless addiction to filling her cheeks with marshmallows,” and I would’ve nodded my head in agreement because they used the words “hopeless addiction.” From there, jokes about blowing the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man for coke as far as the eye can see, and now I’m genuinely pissed they didn’t say it was marshmallows. Goddamn you, Us Weekly.

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  1. Improbable Joe

    You know… should could actually be clean. When you clean up you gain a couple of pounds. She doesn’t weigh much, so a lot of it could go to her face.

  2. FishBone

    she is proof that living a hard lifestyle will age you quickly…i can’t believe she is 25

  3. Mama Conda

    She’s a bad person, society should stop rewarding bad people with fame, wealth and power.

  4. Paul

    Well, she’s at the point where she has absolutely no shame. She’s so desperate, you could probably offer her a cheeseburger to take a crap on a glass table while you record from below, and she’d be like “I appreciate this opportunity you’re giving me to return to show business. I wont let you down.”

    Heck, she’d probably put it on her resume, as it’s the most professional thing she’s done in years.

  5. elephantman

    Come on everyone lets throw her under the bus again. I love you guys!

  6. Wasn’t she cute at one time?

  7. kut met peren

    Why the freak would any 25 year old need fillers in their face?

    • Because actors are the most insecure people on the face of the earth about their appearance (as well as just about everything else, too). And it’s far easier to believe that your career is stalled because your cheekbones and lips aren’t all that they could be than have to deal with the nasty reality that you’re unhireable due to unreliability and multiple addiction issues.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Exactly! They don’t have any wrinkles or loose skin yet. Morons.

  8. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
    Commented on this photo:

    i would’ve believed the cocaine and alcohol made her face bloat up before i’d of ever blamed it on injections.

  9. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
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    nice makeup job. she looks great.

  10. Jesus Christ! She should be an amazing piece of ass right now at 25. What a damned shame. My peen should be doing something, but nothing. Just limp as a noodle looking at her.

    • EricLr

      I don’t even have the heart to hate her. I just feel sorry for her. She’s really just living out the inevitable end of a child who’s been raised by two fame-whore fuckwad parents looking to pimp their kids to Hollywood for a quick buck.

  11. thegrouchomarxist

    So she used fillers under her chin, too?? There are three of them!

  12. j.j.

    She basically has rotten teeth so she wears these veneers. horrible.

  13. LJ

    So Lindsay will be dry this week in order to get through the SNL show without falling on her face. Can’t wait to see the pictures of her leaving the after-party where I’d bet she’ll be shit faced again.

  14. I’m guessing she had fat transfer to her face and not short-term fillers. They take fat cells lipo’d from other parts of the body and inject them into the face. It caused swelling that lasts for months, on top of the fullness from the added fat. The swelling is why she looks so bad. It will go down. Eventually. Not sure why so many celebs have that done, but they look like freaks until the swelling goes away.

    • Fillers can cause swelling for weeks, especially the ones injected over the cheekbone. Those firmer gels aren’t “short term” ones, they usually last 9 months to a year.

  15. cc

    I think that in error (or possibly on purpose) she snorted cortisone powder.

  16. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
    Jack Ketch
    Commented on this photo:

    She has the neck and double chin of a 55 year-old woman, for Christ’s sake.

  17. Schmidtler

    See – this is what happens when you use Paul Deen’s recipes to make your home made meth!

  18. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
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    Why would she inject her face? She’s like 25, crazy trainwreck

  19. LindsayisBulimic

    She is probably bulimic. Bloated face is one of the major side effects. Also accounts for why she hasn’t gained any other weight.


    She’s so BEAUTIFUL!!! I would marry her in heartbeat!!!!

    • Joe

      you are gay

    • I think she came across (in the interview) as attractive, bright, very pleasant, somewhat humble, and contrite about her past.

      However, since it’s LiLo we’re looking at here, I know it’s all smoke and mirrors laced with a few bags of manure, and a good dose of delusional bullshit.

  21. See Your Doctor

    Nothing good healthy corrective surgery can’t handle.

  22. EricLr

    I just hope the ghost of John Belushi appears during her monolog Saturday and causes her to OD, lest SNL sink even lower than it already has.

  23. your mom

    Yeah, all the girls are so desperate for that coked out bloated look, they’re injecting face fillers. RIGHT.

  24. MarkM

    So the kids call giving blow jobs “Facial Fillers” now? Well, it definitely looks like she’s had too many of them!

  25. bdog821

    Too much rouge and splooge!

  26. Nate

    I’m so glad that everyone at TMZ has their lives in such perfect order that they feel no shame in pointing out everyone else’s flaws. Being an individual who’s far from perfect, I don’t have the audacity to give anyone shit for gaining or losing too much weight, having a drug problem, or any other incredibly personal matter. I can say with all sincerity that I wish an extreme amount of ill will towards everyone who collects a paycheck by exposing other people’s issues. I find that the “Well celebrities are in the limelight so they should not complain about having their every minute action scrutinized,” holds absolutely zero water. So..what? Someone wants to be an actor or singer…get famous…and lose all rights to to having a private life? That’s not the nature of the business (or at least it shouldn’t be), that’s other people being fucking assholes. I’m confident that if I took a random snapshot of anybody throughout the day, there’s a high probability of them looking like shit. Yeah Lindsay Lohan has done some stupid shit, and I think she’s mad a lot of bad choices, but that’s her bag baby. Not mine.

    • MarkM

      Wow…you need to ban this site from your favorites list…because that’s like bitching at Google for telling you where to find stuff.

    • Colin

      Why are you here?

    • CranAppleSnapple

      “Yeah Lindsay Lohan has done some stupid shit, and I think she’s mad a lot of bad choices, but that’s her bag baby. Not mine.”

      What’s this strange detour at the end? Did you forget the point you were trying to make? Did someone accuse you of being Lindsay Lohan? Did the paps chase you down?

    • Visible

      I didn’t know this was TMZ.

    • Paris Hilton

      You’re a real bitch Nate. I wish you a lot of ill will too.

  27. herbiefrog

    hey sweetheart…
    …you hsave looked betetr
    …you could have a new start
    …if you’re serious

    …we’ll be behind you [as it were] if you need us : ))

    luv foreva

  28. Frankw

    I don’t know what anyone is talking about. I think Edgar Winter is looking pretty good here, for his age…

  29. Roxie

    Ugh…she said she expects to be at the Oscars in 5 years.
    Requisite #1. Be alive in 5 years.

  30. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
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    25? If she was 62, she would still look too old for someone her age.

  31. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
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    bad face day

  32. tom

    Way to go Lindsay. Now your face is looking like shit and is reflecting your inner self.

  33. Archie_Leach

    Lohan “clean and sober” means an oz of coke instead of a kilo per day and a liter of alcohol instead a gallon of booze per day.

  34. Mr Obvious

    Coke Bloat?

  35. hmmm

    the plastic hair weave. why. she had lovely natural shiny healthy red hair.

    • “[T]aking drugs can also lead to another condition, ‘diffuse thinning’. ‘Sometimes the hair loss is a secondary effect of drug intake — particularly cocaine — due to malnutrition, as most regular users do not tend to have the appetite to eat healthily[.}”

      Who says you can’t learn a little somethin’ on Superfish?

  36. TurkusMaximus

    We need Randal to balance this thread out a little. Where did the Superficial’s knight in shining armor go?

  37. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
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    michael jackson

  38. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
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    She is so young and already messed up.

  39. b

    Once you start doing that shit you can’t go back. It only gets worse! GONNA BE FUN

  40. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
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    back to spanking it to Herbie and her huge cans and normal face.

  41. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
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    I thought that was drool at first, and sadly, it didn’t shock me at all.

  42. harlee

    i’m gonna propose the anti-depressants theory…she actually sounds like someone who’s in therapy and being medically managed.

  43. forrest

    she just wanted to be sure of the fact no one will ever hire her for anything with camera’s around.

  44. I didn’t see the second segment of the interview, but I was really disappointed that in the first segment Matt Lauer didn’t make some sort of really offensive remark about her tits, then bust into a total belly laugh. Sheesh!

  45. Randal

    Lindsay, your full cheeks have never looked better. It’s like the sun is radiating off your perfect skin, reflecting the beauty you hold within your perfect heart. I feel refreshed when I look at your face; like I can take on the world. Never give up, Lindsay, because we all love you and you become more beautiful with every passing day.

  46. Kaku2Mom

    Any press is better than no press at all for this poor woman. Maybe if we ignored her she’s go away.

  47. Lindsay Lohan Today Show
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  48. Nobody's B

    She’s totally awkward and uncomfortable. She doesn’t know what to do with her hands. She’s got her arms crossed like she’s insecure.

  49. bombrays

    Yep… I vote sober.

  50. Bee Bee

    This girl has learnt nothing. But she is surrounded by enablers, fame, money and drugs and there are no real consequences to any bad behavior. Its like you almost cant blame her for turning out messed up…which is a shame because there is clearly a bright young girl in there somewhere.

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