Lindsay’s Breasts Went to Court Again

March 10th, 2011 // 111 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohan arriving in court today where absolutely nothing happened besides the judge giving her another two weeks to contemplate a plea deal that would put her in jail for 90 days. But the important thing is she had a good time and an excuse to buy a new dress. I mean, just look at that smile. You really can’t put a price on that, not counting all those tax dollars paid for by suckers who can’t handle seasons. “Oh my God, it’s not always 75 degrees and perpetual gridlock where you live? I would die.

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  1. kpatra

    hilarious comments all equating to cartoon wolf eyes popping out of the head AOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGA!
    and yeah. fuck yeah. her boobs are hot in that dress.

  2. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
    Commented on this photo:

    I’D love to do coke off her boobs

  3. DGS

    The right breast is dominant

  4. Waxx

    She is an absolute Goddess. Enuf Sed.

  5. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    She looks scared. I think it’s real because otherwise it’s acting and…well…

  6. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    is her leaked porn out yet?

  7. Da Hulkster

    Amen to that brother!

  8. Lindsey should name her nipple “Waldo”, because every time I see a picture of her I search until I spot it. There he is.

  9. Nero

    Turns out that it’s all about a tv-guide. Too pathetic and sad for words.

  10. the captain

    lilo again?

  11. Johnny Cage

    And she keeps winning as if she was led by Leonidas. It’s like she’s a Charlie Sheen that I can furiously masturbate to.

  12. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
    pancake tits
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    I don’t care what you say, I want to drizzle some maple syrup on those girls and go to town.

  13. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    Just curious, but are those real?
    Not that they look sooo spectacular that they must be, I was just wondering.
    Nice if they are. Typical if they aren’t.

  14. Ray Sist

    Screwed up girls make bad decisions often. That’s why Im attracted to her – she might actually have sex with me

  15. teltech543

    I would give her anything to get my lips on those puppies.

  16. Sorry, who is this girl? Why is she important?

  17. lohan admirer

    Best celebrity breasts ever.

  18. duder

    Dress design by Hannibal Lecter.

  19. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    She is so ugly.

  20. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    Tweek much?!

  21. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    I THINK SHE STOLE THE SEAT COVERS OFF MY CAR!!!!!! My favorite celibrity idiot I’d do her.

  22. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
    horrible girl
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    is that Data’s sweater?

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