Lindsay’s Breasts Went to Court Again

March 10th, 2011 // 111 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohan arriving in court today where absolutely nothing happened besides the judge giving her another two weeks to contemplate a plea deal that would put her in jail for 90 days. But the important thing is she had a good time and an excuse to buy a new dress. I mean, just look at that smile. You really can’t put a price on that, not counting all those tax dollars paid for by suckers who can’t handle seasons. “Oh my God, it’s not always 75 degrees and perpetual gridlock where you live? I would die.

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  1. I’d give her a pearl necklace.

  2. herbiefrog

    hot or wot ?

    lol babe : ))

    lindsay thru the looking glass anyone ?

    luv u ))

  3. I’d buy that for a dollar.

  4. mupps

    Swimming with STD’s….not even with a full body condom like in Naked gun….

    • Honest Abe

      Its like picking up dog poop with plastic gloves. You know its poop, but at least you’re not touching it. Thank you Tosh.

  5. jules

    hot damn look at ‘em titties!!

  6. Yeezy's Son

    If the tits look fit you must acquit!

  7. Here come da juggs, here come da juggs

  8. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
    Commented on this photo:

    heheheh If I had a dress like that, I’d also be smiling like that

  9. Jill

    “Lindsay’s Breasts Went to Court Again”

    Shouldn’t that of read “Lindsay’s Silicone/Saline Bags Went to Court Again” ?

  10. Mel

    ALL Rise!

  11. Star Droppings

    Keeping an ex’s shirt because it smells like them is one thing. Having a dress made from their recycled dental dams is just disgusting.

  12. IttyBittyTittyCommittee

    Daddy like!!!!
    Maybe that’s why she’s the mess she is.
    I’m protected by the 18th Amendment right?

  13. Bernie Madoff

    Throw her in my prison cell, please.

  14. Mel

    Oder in the court. Oder in the court. BANG,BANG,BANG.

  15. just say'n

    Come on people, you all know the minute those puppies are set free they’ll droop to her navel. Yuck, forget ‘em.

  16. Deacon Jones

    I fucking love this girl.

    No ass shots, once again however. Getting tired of that bullshit

  17. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    Her mouth is smiling, but her eyes look like she’s about to cry… all over that fabulous dress… what a shame.

  18. oh, please...

    What Ass?

    • Brett Farve's wrist

      If she is wearing leggings made of lycra, it doesn’t matter, they will fit like a second skin and ride up her delicious ass giving real men everywhere a reason to cheer and the terrorists one more reason to hate us-hooray!

  19. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    great tits!

  20. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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  21. ThisisnotTigerWoods

    I can tell by this outfit that she is, indeed, innocent of any and all charges.

  22. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    Stop saying “breasts”

  23. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    Linday is the poor man’s Bo Derek for this generation. All she needs is some corn rows and her next movie role could be a remake of the movie 10.

  24. Boobs

    I find her guilty of Bitchcraft!

  25. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    wonder where she lifted that necklace?

  26. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    Trying to confuse the judge into thinking you’re Paris Hilton is probably the worse defense one could think of.

  27. Motorboat Captain

    When is she going to give up on her failed acting career and follow her natural calling doing porn?

  28. Bob's Uncle

    Say what you want about Lindsey, she is one hot piece.
    She can’t be more than 90lbs and look at those cans!!!! They’re busting out of that dress.
    Man I’d love to hit that!

  29. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    Is… is she touching herself here? Yes, that’s what I’m going to go with. Big beige boobs and touching herself in court. Clearly, she’s taking this all very seriously.

  30. elmer the fudd

    I have hit it and it is spectacular!!!

  31. Her tits need to decide if they are awesome or not. My cock is getting seriously confused.

  32. Ponkur

    Free the Lohan two!

  33. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
    Ish KaBibble
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    I just can’t stay mad at her.

  34. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
    Cock Dr
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    She’s destroyed her ginger complexion: thus long sleeves, high neckline & tights.
    Because there’s no foundation cosmetic that can conceal the horror from the paps flash photography. Underneath the dress her skin looks like connect the dots melanoma. Only hours of Photoshop can render her appealing again….unless you just don’t care that the big tits are all spotty.

  35. Gerbil in my Butt

    She may be a total bitch thumbing her nose at “the system” … but that is one spectacular rack!

  36. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    “Accountability! Ha, you crack me up, Legal system”

  37. Dibs on the left one!

  38. Rhialto

    The story is that since i’m locked up here that you can all play around what you want. Keeping the show on as long as you want.

  39. Rhialto

    I might even don’t care what others are doing. That’s their business now. We must be focussed on the future of our project.

  40. Rhialto

    I happen to know that you all enjoying secretly too much this ‘game’. And some are making even serious banks with it. Just do what you must do otherwise i’m going to quit the whole ‘game’.

    • Rhialto

      Eh no, that has nothing to do with that. Quitting the game means stepping out the game.

      • Nero

        Have you all become hysteric or something? We don’t care about people who are out. Quit putting them in the spotlights. They aren’t relevant anymore.

  41. Talk Hard

    I’d be more than happy to nut all over those pebble size nipples.

  42. Charlie Sheen


  43. the things that judge does to have Lindsay bring in those breasts.

  44. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    god she looks terrible

  45. I occasionally imagine what Lindsay would look like if she had never gotten into drugs and weep softly. That being said, I would still hit that sh*t like a drunk driver!

  46. Ka

    isn’t it a felony for a judge to not let us cross-examine her breasts? I though I remember that point from “Charles in Charge” . . . or maybe it was Willis from
    “Different Strokes?” Either way, I am looking at my penis now saying “what you talking ’bout Willis??”

  47. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    those titties are serious!

  48. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    I don’t know who needs more phychiatric help. Linsday for…well being Lindsay, or me for wanting to play connect the dots on those freckled titties with my special pen. Ah who am I kidding it’s more like a golf pencil.

  49. Lindsay Lohan Breasts Court
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    That dress looks like a slip’n'slide from Clam Manor.

  50. anon

    Is this another one of them $8K outfits that LL likes to wear to the courtroom after allegedly stealing a $2.5K necklace?

    Yeah her legal team is smart.

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