Lindsay Lohan’s Beauty Will Cure AIDS Now

Proving that the best shots of her are in washed-out black and white with her boobs out, here’s Lindsay Lohan at the New York Fashion Week amFAR Gala last night because apparently Courtney Love wasn’t available as a visual aid this time, so they went with the next best thing.

DINA: Great news, honey. Courtney Love couldn’t make amFAR New York so they needed someone who looks like a horrible disease is eating them alive from the inside. And they chose you!
LINDSAY: Yes! Does this mean I can stop hooking?
DINA: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Wait, you’re actually serious. *pimp-slaps Lindsay* How many times I gots to tell you? Dina’s hos don’t evah talk about quittin’ them tricks. Tell her, Ali.
ALI: Dina’s hos don’t talk about quittin’ them tricks.

Photos: Getty, Splash News, WENN