Lindsay Lohan Will Joke About Anything on ‘SNL’

Posted by Photo Boy

Since the inexplicable announcement that she will host SNL — Let’s assume Lorne Michaels is hogtied in the back of a Tanqueray warehouse — Lindsay Lohan hasn’t done anything so far that would lead us to think what a colossal mistake that decision already is. So in the spirit of being a good sport, she’s announced that there are no limits for her upcoming appearance. According to TMZ:

According to our sources, Lindsay plans on using all the unpleasantness from the last few years as fodder for the show. We’re told Lindsay has already told “SNL” that she is game for anything and nothing is off limits.

When your daily life is as comically hilarious as drunkenly hitting a baby with your car, pretending that your daylight drug deal was really just the innocent purchase of sea jasper, and having sex with billionaire hoteliers in front of a window, where can you really go with a sketch? I can’t think of a worse premise, doomed to failure from the start, unless someone were to offer her a spread in a barely relevant porno mag after years of vagina flashes and nipple slips. Wait.


Photo: AKMImages, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, Terry Richardson