Lindsay Lohan Was Tipped Off

February 3rd, 2011 // 16 Comments

I’m trying to avoid the 800 reports coming out of the Lindsay Lohan stealing a necklace fiasco because it’s dovetailed into the usual avalanche of bullshit. That said, I found this one worth noting because it reinforces just how fucked up law enforcement is in LA and why none of you who live there are safe. TMZ reports:

We’ve learned the warrant was signed by Judge Katherine Mader at 3:45 PM Tuesday. The LAPD was making plans to execute the warrant — which authorized cops to search for the necklace at Lindsay’s home in Venice, CA.
But somehow — before the search was conducted — Lindsay’s stylist showed up at an LAPD substation and returned the $2,500 necklace.
Sources connected with the case tell us … they believe someone told Lindsay the warrant was in play. Otherwise, they say, why would she have her stylist go to the LAPD to return the jewelry rather than the jewelry store?

When Lindsay Lohan – the poorest and least influential celebrity of the moment – somehow manages to have the LAPD on her payroll, you almost have to wonder how the entire city hasn’t devolved into pure chaos. I’m talking post-apocalyptic, Robocop-esque levels of turmoil where celebrities run around kicking babies into the mouths of coyotes for sport, and the police suckle at their freckled teat as if it’s a beautiful day around the Maypole. I have no idea what any of that means, but let’s assume it involves the LAPD being paid with cash Lindsay printed herself. “Thanks again, Ms. Lohan. This stack of.. 30s? should put diapers on my kid. Wanna shoot my gun at pedestrians before I leave? I don’t mind.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Hemingway

    Christ, someone shoot her. Please?

  2. wow two excellent posts to kick off the day. doubtful it’s green that lindsay has to offer the cops (worth $10k now?), but certainly something more along the lines of.. blew..?

    • more publicity stunts. L.A. police know these celebs do this for attention. once it gets in the way of real cases they get mad. not to mention they give a little green in to the L.A.P.D. As far as blew is concerned . the cops get that in spades from the hookers.

  3. Lindsay Lohan
    Ghetty Real
    Commented on this photo:

    this is why governments and their right arm (police) have become such a joke.
    I challenge everyone to follow police around with cameras…the second you see one, whip it out and start rolling the tape

    anyone with such low amount of training, IQ, disregard for humanity and getting this amount of power is CRAZY

  4. jojo

    Someone should have tipped her off about wearing that outfit before leaving the house.

    • No kidding. Being a Canadian, I can’t help but chuckle at the combination of a sleeveless top, skirt and high boots. If it’s cold enough for boots, it must be too cold for short sleeves, right? But then I remember that she’s all fashiony and stuff, and draws pictures of socks for a “living”, so it’s okay.

  5. babooda

    @ jojo…That’s her “look at me, I’m an innocent little girl” dress reserved for wearing whenever the law gets too close to busting her.
    BTW, Fish, I don’t think it is the cops that tipped her, I think she has an insider at the court…..probably a “deep-cover” operative, who is also her secret lesbionic lover. That would definitely explain her “teflon factor”, when it comes to charges being filed.

  6. ick-abod

    She looks all grown up wearing Julia Roberts boots, aww,

  7. just a thought

    If this were Paris I’d say you all are right about the blow/getting blowen thing. But we’re talking Lindsay here. This is the same chick that has sworn off men to be with that Sam thing. babooda may be on to something about phags in the clerk’s office. Homo’s tend to stick together and can be very clanish.

  8. KV

    Stylist ??? That’s why she looks always so fucked up ?? They have a horrible fashion sense.

  9. miguelito

    Her legs look so lardy as of late.

  10. I’ll bet a $2500 necklace the cops are just as tired of her as we are.

  11. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    yeah but she does look hot in that outfit.

  12. A&W rootbeer: the soft drink that will get you out of a $2500 theft charge! Drink it today .

  13. herbiefrog

    woah… the dear [sic] in headlights look : ))

    …all too funny : ))

    …she’s too smart for all you blogger guys
    …you actually believe shit happens… : ))

    only to ordinary people… lol : ) ) )

    haha…stop laughing, we’ll burst : ))

  14. Pat C

    C’mon people. Not her fault. She asked a guy who walked in the store if she could borrow the necklace, and the guy said he couldn’t care less. How was she supposed to know he didn’t work there?

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