Lindsay Lohan Was At The VMAs

September 13th, 2010 // 24 Comments
Lindsay Lohan at the 2010 VMAs

In safe, nobody got hurt, skit-form!

In an answer to Michael Lohan’s prayers, a freakish looking Lindsay Lohan – “It’s the Adderall!” she might scream hysterically. – appeared in a skit where she poked fun at herself by chiding host Chelsea Handler for her drinking. This was of course hilarious because there’s absolutely nothing funnier than seeing a crazed drug addict get a slap on the wrist from the court system then get to be on TV. Although, you know what this sketch could’ve used? More babies getting hit by cars. That’s God’s favorite punchline!

(Side Note: I’m in California this week and actually walked across Hollywood Blvd. twice last night. I want a medal.)


  1. would suck on both of their assholes, yes i would…

  2. and the rest of you can suck on mine…

  3. notyou


  4. notyou

    Wow, following pimp is dangerous!

  5. Pushin' 40

    These women look horrible!


      Yes, horrible, but I’m desperate for EASY ass. Kelsea, or whatever the fuck her name is, doesn’t give me a BONER at all. LINDSAY, though, would be a different story. Being TOWN COCK, I only get the pick of the litter. I’d ram both, yes, both clinched fists in LINDSAY’s loose ass and still have room to clap my hands. Then, I’d keep my stiff, hard WHOPPER in her willing ass for a month! Oh LINDSAY………

  6. Fish, That is nothing, try walking across Santa Monica Blvd with out getting rear ended… haha. I hope you brought your stilettos

  7. lindsay looks waaay pretty. have fun in LA fish–dont do anything i would

  8. playboy swizzle stick

    Welcome to California. Now go home.

  9. kpatra

    that was not funny and not good. except when lindsay slapped her ass. that was alright.

  10. hello,so nice for that,have a good day

  11. TAB

    Chelsea is a drunk and NOT funny in my opinion..GOD knows I will probably hear the wrath for writing that and I could care less…Lindsay’s dress was cute I have to admit..Other than that Brendan Davis said it best, “Lindsay Lohan is a fire crotch!” Enough said..

  12. SamIam

    Welcome to LA! Walk Runyon Canyon. Great people watching there. Always some celebs.

  13. bribios

    Walk across the entire city of Santa Monica without being approached/attacked by a group of roving homeless people, and I will seriously buy you a medal. A month ago one told my brother and I that he hopes we get cancer and die, after we didn’t give him a dollar (though we did offer him 2 bucks in quarters). Forget the Mexicans, we need to deport the homeless people.

  14. TheDuuuuuude

    What if TheDuuuuuude were to hit LiLo with his HooptieRide???? He’s pretty sure he’d do more than 2 weeks in the joint…. Legal fees, a lawsuit, not to mention the cost of disinfecting the HooptieRide…..

  15. herbiefrog

    linds looked beautiful in pink,



    positive : ))

    hey babe… live, love, [some other words beginning with l [ell]

    night all : ))

  16. They’re both stupid.


  17. MTV will do anything for ratings… anything

  18. Dr. Roxio

    Lindsay’s awe awe awesome. We both loving doing ca ca ca cocaine. It helps ka ka ka keep us in shape.

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  20. Sarah

    Dude, who ARE you? You apparently seem to hate everyone and everything in Hollywood. Soooo…. don’t watch it. Go get a life outside of it. Seriously, get a life.

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