Lindsay Lohan Was 10 Hours Late

June 24th, 2010 // 38 Comments

Seen here riding the painkiller snake last night, Lindsay Lohan apparently was 10 hours late to the photo shoot featured on Bravo’s Double Exposure last night. So, wait, the complete opposite of what Lindsay said was actually the truth? My whole world’s turned upside down… E! News reports:

“She was 10 hours late,” the insider insists. “The show has actually been nice to her and only has her being eight hours late.”
In her most recent Twitter tirade, the embattled actress claims she was purposely given a wrong calltime for a photo shoot being filmed for the new reality show to make it look like she messed up.
However, our insider argues that she couldn’t possibly have been set up because one of her handlers was captured on camera apologizing for Lohan’s tardiness. “That would mean her people were in on it, too,” the source said.

On top of that, E!’s source also pointed out fashion trade WWD reported back in September that Lindsay didn’t show up until 8 p.m. for the 10 a.m. shoot. Of course none of that even matters because you could have videotaped evidence of Lindsay being told the exact time and place and she’d claim it was a stunt double. “That’s clearly a 40-year-old chain-smoker pretending to be me. Nice try, you guys.”

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  1. ZigZagZoey

    For God’s sake people ~ It was all her Dad’s fault.

  2. jumpin_j


  3. hello

    this isn’t the same superficial writer

  4. LJ

    It wasn’t her fault, her dog ate the alarm clock.

    Commented on this photo:

    I hate the new website design.

  6. Come on people, who hasn’t been a little late. I mean, Lilo wanted to look her best for the shoot so she took an extra 10 hour beauty nap….geez, who doesn’t.

  7. But the main point of this post should be that Lilo actually did show up for the photo shoot.
    Alive…..and on the exact day she was supposed to.
    Come on……what do you expect booking her, punctuality & professionalism?
    If so, gimme some of what you guys are smokin!

    • K

      Hey FrankN, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Anybody who signs her to do anything should be happy if she actually shows up, never mind what time or in what condition. She probably doesn’t even know how to read a clock, and she’s probably either stoned, sauced or hungover at any given hour.

  8. Deacon Jones

    “prrEEEeety….pRRReety caRR”

  9. Sheena

    What I want to know is: Who the fuck waits around for TEN HOURS for someone who is late?!?!? Exactly how goddamn important is this photo shoot? WTF did they do while sitting around waiting for Little Miss Crack Whore to show up?

    The whole story stinks of bullshit.

    • Artsy-fartsy, high strung, under-talented, pampered creative talent (and I use talent loosely) have been known to show up late on the set.
      Musicians show up hours late for a recording session.
      Models show up days late for a photo shoot.
      Actors don’t come out of the trailer for hours for a take.

      And for the crew it’s all billable hours.

  10. awww poor Linds .. the whole world is out to get her. Reality is gonna bite her boney ass come July 6th y’all. should be good. Then you’re gonna hear the mother of all excuses.. ‘i’ve been framed’ “my father set me up’ and so on…

  11. Jackholeasshat

    Why don’t you guys leave the girl alone what has she done to you?
    Randal, back me up on this sweety…

  12. Take away the tits and her ‘fame’ and she is just another skanky, high maintenance slob. And there are PLENTY of tits out there without her nasty skin or baggage.



  14. joho777

    Actually, I’m with Lindsay on this. Why should she have to appear when she promised? It’s not like she is a professional model or actress, is she? Oh . . .wait.

    And wouldn’t this have been a great time for one of those random drug tests?

    Plus it would have given Lindsay practice in preparing another of her elaborate excuses.

  15. McFeely Smackup

    I gotta agree with Sheena, showing up 10 hours late doesn’t really sound like a credible story.

    A) If someone is 10 hours late, on what planet would people still be waiting around expecting her to show up?

    B) Once you ARE 10 hours late, why bother to show up? See “A” above, no rational person is still expecting you to be on the way, you’ve already shit all over the schedule, showing up now is just crazy.

    C) It’s Lindsay Lohan. Hitting the snooze button 87 times is perfectly believable, but why would anyone ever expect her to show up in the first place? That’s just a waste of money, paying people to stand around waiting for Cokehead McFlappyTitties can’t be a viable business model.

  16. Ted Kennedy's tumor
    Commented on this photo:

    Dang she has a nice ass!

  17. She looks like she had a rough night out wouldn’t you agree!

  18. Mary

    Ummmm seriously people….Lindsay has not been out clubbing in a week so we have to resort to bringing up something that happened LAST September? I love how people act so annoyed and just wish she would go away. Well she has and now you are publishing a story about her that is no longer relevant. Seems to me the media is going through Lindsay withdrawals. Who’s pathetic now?

    • Whatever

      whatever mary

    • Laurz

      Or… it’s bring brought up now because the whole incident was featured on a reality show called “Double Exposure” which aired this week on Bravo. And if it weren’t for the show, she would try to pull some other shennanigans to keep herself relevant. I highly doubt she wants to be “left alone”

  19. Bill Gates

    Rich people’s problems……

  20. Jay Jeffries

    I just wonder if she has even the SLIGHTEST idea how everyone on planet earth (with the exception of the artsy fartsy morons who continue to hire her) thinks she’s a drug addicted lying piece of shit. I’d call her the “girl who cried wolf”, but the boy who cried wolf made that decision on purpose; whorehan is so used to lying & blaming others that she does it automatically…

  21. ohnoes


  22. captain america

    We must feel sorry, her watch was broken………..

  23. metaphor

    How could anyone be 10 hours late?
    You might as well say she was 14 hours early because that makes about as much sense.

  24. drr

    She has Bi Polar big time

  25. pnut166

    “Is Lindsey Lohan a liar” ? Does Charlie Daniels play a mean fiddle ?

  26. StephAtHome
    Commented on this photo:

    She still looks so damned pretty, but so much older than she is. /:

  27. Don Bauman

    Sick and tired of her complete disregard for the law, first of all, when she didn;t show up in court they should have locked her up for a few days to wake her up. If she wants to get more work she sure has a stupid way of showing it. As already stated, what idiot would hire her for ANYTHING. After the first hour she should have been notified that her presence was not longer needed and that she had been replaced by someone who not only only wanted the job but also had respect for those who hired her and those who waited. Obviously she hasn’t learned anything from her past mistakes and will just go on doing thumbing her nose at decent people, doing her own thing as always.

  28. Patty

    May I ask….WHO CARES????…She screwed up many times and gets a free pass all the time….Her Mother is a leech – like fame hag…Forget about her Father!!!… A-hole……Sis Ali has NO talent either….Lindsay should do her time and MOVE FAR away from L.A…..Patty

  29. Lisa

    She’s late and the people who hired her are surprised? HELLO?

  30. Lily

    I say if they are legal in Canada by all means they should get their passports out and go on a little TRIP.

  31. Red

    They wouldn’t wait 11 hours. As someone in the photojournalist business, it’s unheard of. She would be blacklisted for not showing up after 2 hours and everyone would go home.

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