Lindsay Lohan Was 10 Hours Late

Seen here riding the painkiller snake last night, Lindsay Lohan apparently was 10 hours late to the photo shoot featured on Bravo’s Double Exposure last night. So, wait, the complete opposite of what Lindsay said was actually the truth? My whole world’s turned upside down… E! News reports:

“She was 10 hours late,” the insider insists. “The show has actually been nice to her and only has her being eight hours late.”
In her most recent Twitter tirade, the embattled actress claims she was purposely given a wrong calltime for a photo shoot being filmed for the new reality show to make it look like she messed up.
However, our insider argues that she couldn’t possibly have been set up because one of her handlers was captured on camera apologizing for Lohan’s tardiness. “That would mean her people were in on it, too,” the source said.

On top of that, E!’s source also pointed out fashion trade WWD reported back in September that Lindsay didn’t show up until 8 p.m. for the 10 a.m. shoot. Of course none of that even matters because you could have videotaped evidence of Lindsay being told the exact time and place and she’d claim it was a stunt double. “That’s clearly a 40-year-old chain-smoker pretending to be me. Nice try, you guys.”

Photos: Splash News