Lindsay Lohan Wants Dina to Do ‘Dancing.’ Says Dina.

Rumors have been circulating that Lindsay Lohan was approached to do Dancing With the Stars which seemed like a done deal considering she’s already made herself a walking billboard for Pepsi. Except Dina Lohan is still looking for excuses to flap her gums in the press and claims that not only is Lindsay passing on the show to focus on her recovery, but she knows who will make the perfect replacement. You’ll never guess. RadarOnline reports:

“We are huge fans of the show and think it’s incredible,” Dina said.
“We’ll watch it, but it is not going to happen. Lindsay actually told the woman at Dancing With The Stars who made the offer that ‘you need to take my mom!’

Considering DWTS has a history of accepting less-famous family members as contestants, I can see how Dina thinks this plan might actually work even though she’s clearly overestimating the outside world’s desire to Lindsay’s wishes fulfilled. For example, if someone told me Lindsay wants world peace, my immediate reaction would be to make a ham sandwich out of the Quran in front of the entire Middle East. I literally wouldn’t be able to stop myself.

Photos: Pacific Coast News