Lindsay Lohan Wants an Apology

August 23rd, 2010 // 59 Comments
Lindsay Lohan

After doctors at UCLA apparently decided to tell TMZ that Lindsay Lohan isn’t a drug addict and just had a bad case of misdiagnosed ADHD, she now feels she’s owed an apology and will probably try to sue the court for saying she’s a drug addict. How could they think such a thing? FOX 411 reports:

“Lindsay is fuming – she is really upset that the courts put her through all this,” a source close to the 24-year-old told Pop Tarts, referring to Lohan’s incarceration for violating terms of her probation for a 2007 DUI, and subsequent court-ordered rehab.
The insider said Lohan’s camp was “exploring its options.” But just in case you’re thinking about it, Linds, legal action against the courts is probably out of the question.
“No judge or prosecutor could be sued under these circumstances, they have absolute immunity,” explained Santa Monica-based Criminal Defense Attorney, Steve Cron. “Judge Revel formulated her opinion of Lindsay based on the information she had at the time from another program. The judge could still be dissatisfied with the report from UCLA and seek independent opinions or insist Lindsay be enrolled in other programs.”

I love how Lindsay’s entire argument rests on the fact that Adderall made her look like an impulsive drug addict, but nobody should’ve thought she was a drug addict even though she was being made to walk around acting, talking and snorting coke exactly like one. If that last sentence just hurt your brain, don’t worry, I’ve spent the past five minutes slamming my head into a filing cabinet mumbling “Coke on the feet. Coke on the feet. Coke on the feet,” and yet, fun fact, no one’s accused me of being on drugs. I rest my case.

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  1. Arnie Palmer

    Did the doctors at UCLA also checked her cooter? Another overlooked BAD CASE down there.

  2. herbiefrog

    Judge Revel revelled in her appointment to this case, time to be famous… she woz obviously out to cause as much harm to linds as she could. sad b*tch, get a real job and stop leaching off society

    • McFeely Smackup

      Yeah, she it’s so obvious that this Judge was just out to get her moment in the sun. She completely set up the entire thing, Lindsay’s DUI arrest, her failure to comply with her probation, her missing court dates, her “fuck you” to the court, all of that was completely the Judges fault.

    • Le Merde

      Believe it or not, douchecock, not everyone is just dying to be famous. And being famous for getting Sweet Li’l LiLo to do coke and act like a complete assface is about as hard as getting Justin Beepler to look like a tweenage lesbian. The judge already has a nice, steady paycheck coming in and doesn’t need to get “famous” just to score free drinks and blow in the bathroom stalls at Le Cirque.

  3. Mary Jane

    Blah. Who cares about her.

  4. McFeely Smackup

    Even if this nonsense were true, Lindsay should be THANKING the judge for putting her finally under the medical care that correctly diagnosed her problem.

    All this does is show us that Lindsay has learned NOTHING from this whole thing. She’ll be back to staggering home crusted in dried semen and cocaine in no time.

  5. nahhhhh

    I can’t wait to hear the excuses when Lindsay does this all over again. Hopefully she won’t kill anyone.

  6. Lady Blah Blah

    Oh great, another week of Lohan Lohan Lohan at The Superficial. Can’t wait till we are once again subjected to photos of the Ugliest Stupidest Doucheiest Father Alive, Micheal Lohan.

  7. LLrocks

    I agree completely what that Judge done on July 6th was a joke.
    No one gets that sentence for a non violnet misdemeanor probation violation.
    I think they will remove the formal probation as it just be an embarassment

  8. Marcus

    I want to suck on her tits, That is all.

  9. Sheena

    Amazing how many sharp legal minds peruse The Superficial! Yep, that Judge Revel, she got all the way through law school, passed the Calif bar, did everything she could to become a sitting judge, just so SOME DAY, SOME WAY, she could get famous sentencing a spoiled waste-of-skin coke addict like Lindsay fucking Lohan to jail.

    Clever monkeys, all of ya.

    • herbiefrog

      “Yep, that Judge Revel, she got all the way through law school, passed the Calif bar, did everything she could to become a sitting judge, just so SOME DAY, SOME WAY, she could get famous”

      …and we thought most posters here were stupid or illiterate. no… it seems that you have managed to grasp the basics of your heirarchical society. well done : )

      • Le Merde

        You just keep white-knighting for Lindsay, HerpesFrog. I’m sure she’ll show you one of those weathered teats of hers in gratitude some day.

    • Vandal

      I don’t get it? Are you saying we don’t agree with the judge?

      I thought she was bang on, apart from the sentence. Should’ve been longer.

  10. STFUP

    Has she conveniently forgotten that all this stemmed from 2 DUI/DRUG arrests? Booze & cocaine – CONFIRMED. And we think you’re into drugs? How COULD we!?
    STFU, Blowhan!

  11. gibby

    Why oh why would anyone think Ho-Han is a druggie?

  12. El Cid

    At least the doctors stemmed the horrific growth of her lips before they became like two ass cheeks swelling up under her nose…

  13. Juano

    Proof she’s an idiot. She didn’t go to the can because the judge thought she was an addict or wanted to be famous; she went because she got picked up for DUI twice, possession of coke once, and while under the influence seized control of an automobile, terrorizing the two people in it, for the sole purpose of causing grevious bodily harm to some other chick who’d pissed her off.

    And then openly ignored the conditions of her probation and basically told the court to fuck off.

    Now if any of the idiot Lohan groupies posting here did those things, it is a fact that you’d be looking at six to ten months in the can.

    • M

      Jesus. I hate the people that say this was all for a probation violation. You all forget about the laws she broke to get on probation in the first place.

  14. Dear Lindsay,

    I’m sorry… you’re completely fucking useless.

    That is all.



  16. pete

    Lohan is an actress, aka pathologic liar. She knows how to play the docs, its her job.

  17. Erin

    OMG Is she still talking??? Somebody muzzle this chick!

  18. LJ

    About six months after she is released from rehab I expect to see pictures of her snorting coke off the sidewalk in front of some club.

    I still wonder if Dina Lohan keeps planting these stories.

  19. Sylvia

    Poor Lindsay. Where did that beautiful young woman with such acting potential go? It really is quite sad. I hope that she gets what it is that she is searching for in this apology and that this is the start of the road towards success for her, because without a positive break in her life right now, I fear that it could just be a never ending road down hill for this one. Please take care of yourself Lindsay!

  20. yawn

    i miss lindsay she’s hot =)

  21. Silliness

    Drug addict or not, this was NOT THE POINT! Lindsay seems to misunderstand that she was punished for a DUI! Driving under the influence, more than once! Then, she refused to complete the terms of her release/probation that resulted. She refused to complete alcohol education courses. She did not go to jail for being a drug addict. She went to jail for being a criminal. IDIOT!

  22. boogeyman King Dong

    Apology? What’s that? A new drug or something?

  23. herbiefrog

    actually she went to jail for missing a couple of sessions…

    ///…the trouble with you people is that you
    …don’t recognise the facts
    …just the spin


    she missed a few classes…

    …and that what all the “authorities” had to go on

    all other evidence was struck from the record

    …wasn’t i t ? : )

    • LLrocks

      That IS the truth
      This despicable Judge basically admitted during the hearing that she was checking TMZ & Radar etc,
      If the defendant misses a few classes and doesn’t fail any drug tests then how you come up 90 days in jail for the 3 counts and rehab when she didn’t violate any of the drug charges and no action was takien on these counts is CRAZY.

      The prosecution was asking for 30 days on the 1 count of the 2nd DUI due to her missing the classes. What this Judge done wasn’t right

      • Vandal

        She was checking TMZ to find out where LL was. Fucking the judge about as it happens and flicking a hugh finger at the US law system. From what I hear she was banged up for missing classes, not drug abuse. She deserved longer but got less because she’s famous. One rule for one …

  24. ednonymous

    There is no cure for stupid.

  25. Sobrietyisacrutch

    You posters who are saying that this was merely a probation violation, the judge was high on authority, etc. are all a bunch of fucking morons! And are probably the same idots who blame gun manufacturers for murderous gangbangers, alcohol companies for drunk drivers and video game makers for kids shooting up schools.
    Let me try to explain this using itty bitty words for you:
    You do a bad thing. You do a bad thing many times. The cops arrest you. The judge or jury agree you are bad. You get punished for that.
    Just go back to drinking your milkshakes and watching Scooby Doo till your Mommies get home from work, mkay?

    • Da MAN!

      And if I may add, these posters probably get their legal “Expertise” by sitting around on their unemployed asses all day long watching Judge Mathis or Alex or whoever.

      • Kevin

        Meh I will watch Judge Alex and Judge Judy once in a while…they aren’t totally worthless, but I much prefer something like the “In session” on TruTV. I bet most of these people haven’t even watched Judge Judy or anything. At least she clearly states that if you fuck up, you pay the price.

  26. Kevin

    It blows my mind how people on here support Lindsay. Our system is a joke. If you have enough money, you can get away with anything. Why do people feel it is ok for celebs to break the law? Because you like a movie they did? I can’t believe all of you bashing that judge. Did you ever consider that not all people are fame whores and want to make an honest living? I think most people on celeb gossip sites just want to be famous and that’s why they support this kind of crap…Me, I’m just here to see some tits, and hear that some crack whore overdosed, if I’m that lucky.

  27. Anon

    This chick will die soon because of alcohol and drugs. UCLA will look like morons.

  28. What a stupid cunt

    FUCK LINDSAY LOHAN. This stupid cunt deserves NO apology. Her sentence is based on her inability to control herself and the psychotic behavior she exhibited. If I were the judge, I would have tossed her ass into jail for 6 months. FUCK HER and her apology; I hope the stupid cunt dies soon.

  29. Arrogant twat

    So, looks like BLOWhan will not be taking responsibility for her actions. Gee, what a surprise. I SO expected her to come out of jail a changed woman; instead, she’s paris hilton. This cocksucking whore will be dead witthin 1 year, as she’s going to immediately start the same behaviors she was tossed into jail for. With her dumbass whore of a mother egging her on, she’s a goner…

  30. A young girl, probably forced into child acting, can’t go anywhere without being recognized. What a life… I’d probably resort to drugs too. Can’t blame her. Blame her parents. And her parents parents…

    • Kevin

      But now she is a big girl and still continues to let her mom support her. She doesn’t talk to her dad, so why doesn’t she put her mom out of her life? It’s because she parties and does drugs with her. Don’t get me wrong, I blame the parents but if she is smart enough to figure out one is bad, why can’t she figure out the other is?

  31. Vito

    I’ve always thought that Lindsay was a very sick girl and, as such, have hoped for her recovery. But this is enough. NOTHING is her fault. I guess it hasn’t dawned on her that all of her problems have one thing in common: LINDSAY – fucking – LOHAN!!!

    No more Lindsay! I never thought I’d say this, but I believe it’s time for you to put a bullet through your skull. Of course, after you blow me.

  32. Lins

    Wow! she must still be on those drugs right now.

  33. captain america

    ………….and I want a new bicycle.

  34. kj

    Yeah, that cocaine they found in her pocket and driving under the influence multiple times is totally due to her misdiagnosed ADHD. Take some responsibility for your actions for once you dumb cunt. Hopefully no one will even think of apologizing to this overly-entitled brat.

  35. Oh now she has trouble concentrating. What next?

  36. Hothead

    Really little Miss Innocent? The judge seems to be the only trying to help her. Lilo’s mom surely isn’t a good role model for her daughter and she definitely not thinking about what is best for this young actress. The judge deserves a bonus!

  37. I stand by my earlier opinion that this story is headed for one inevitable conclusion: the death of this poor wretch and/ or several innocents, followed by hand-wringing and phony apologetics from the people that could have stopped it sooner. A real shame considering the potential she once showed.

  38. Donkeh

    bitch crazy

  39. Alex

    so wait, I getit. Being on Adderrall needlessly makes you seem coked out. So if you do coke while on improperly prescribed adderral you turn into lindsay lohan?

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