Lindsay Lohan Wants a ‘Work Pass’ Now


Seen here having a calm, pleasant visit with daddy dearest yesterday, Lindsay Lohan is trying to arrange a “work pass” so she can leave the Betty Ford Center to have meetings in Hollywood, the land of coke and honey, to discuss her only potential film project Inferno. RadarOnline reports:

“Lindsay told me that she is working to get a work pass so that she can get out and meet us to discuss the project. Obviously, she would probably need some kind of monitor and I think that she feels cooped up sometimes which is understandable.”
Despite the ongoing struggles, Wilder says the actress “seems to be doing well” and is still “excited about Inferno.”

If anyone actually believes Lindsay is bettering herself in rehab, please allow this to be proof she’s chomping at the bit to get out and run over your child. Christ, I added pictures of her shopping yesterday. Shopping! Someone tried to say rehab is about battling addiction and isn’t supposed to be like jail, but c’mon, how else do you cure someone like Lindsay Lohan? I’m pretty sure threatening to send her to a spa with Starbucks and mall runs isn’t going to scare the blow out of her nose. Then again, these people are allowing her father to visit, so I can see how that might be a deterrent. “Hmm, I could snort this coke… but then I’d have to talk to my dad in person again. *snoooooooooorrrrrrrt* I made the right choice!”

Photos: INFdaily