Lindsay Lohan Wants a ‘Work Pass’ Now

November 11th, 2010 // 33 Comments


Seen here having a calm, pleasant visit with daddy dearest yesterday, Lindsay Lohan is trying to arrange a “work pass” so she can leave the Betty Ford Center to have meetings in Hollywood, the land of coke and honey, to discuss her only potential film project Inferno. RadarOnline reports:

“Lindsay told me that she is working to get a work pass so that she can get out and meet us to discuss the project. Obviously, she would probably need some kind of monitor and I think that she feels cooped up sometimes which is understandable.”
Despite the ongoing struggles, Wilder says the actress “seems to be doing well” and is still “excited about Inferno.”

If anyone actually believes Lindsay is bettering herself in rehab, please allow this to be proof she’s chomping at the bit to get out and run over your child. Christ, I added pictures of her shopping yesterday. Shopping! Someone tried to say rehab is about battling addiction and isn’t supposed to be like jail, but c’mon, how else do you cure someone like Lindsay Lohan? I’m pretty sure threatening to send her to a spa with Starbucks and mall runs isn’t going to scare the blow out of her nose. Then again, these people are allowing her father to visit, so I can see how that might be a deterrent. “Hmm, I could snort this coke… but then I’d have to talk to my dad in person again. *snoooooooooorrrrrrrt* I made the right choice!”

Photos: INFdaily


  1. Benjamin Disraeli

    Did she use her arts & crafts time to make a giant sandwich-board reading “Will work for blow”..? Wow, she must be serious.

  2. johng


  3. Toby Weymiller

    She is old and fat.

  4. RoboZombie

    Michael Lohan: Wider Lindsay!
    Lindsay: This is as wide as I can open it Dad! I TOLD you, I can”t get into porn until I can open it wider! Ron Jeremey said so.

  5. You gotta be kidding me

    Everyone seems to be forgetting that she was put into a mandatory 90 day rehab to cure her cocaine addiction AND as an alternative to jail due to her blatantly violating her probation conditions AGAIN. She’s out shopping, and now she’s going to be taking meetings? How fucking ridiculous is this? She’s not inconvenienced in the slightest by this; is this supposed to be helpful to her?

    This is a fucking joke; if I ever get caught for hijacking an SUV, kidnapping 2 people & bombing down residential streets doing 100mph in a coke induced rage, I’m going to sue anyone who doesn’t give me the “lohan sentence”…

    • Rem

      She was only facing 30 days for failing the drug test if the Judge gave her 180 days that would have been a complete revocation of probation.
      She is completing the program and has already done the 30 days inpatient at the clinic now its the 60 days transitional program because she is forced to be there until Jan 3rd.
      No one was hurt in the SUV incident and the witnesses weren’t credible.

      • Anonymous

        Where does it say the witnesses were not credible? She was caught following another SUV, presumably chasing her ex personal assistant.

        The personal assistant’s mother reported the incident to the cops because she feared for her daughter. The cops stopped LL and found her to be driving under the influence and in possession and was arrested.

        Cops don’t need witnesses in case where they catch someone under the influence and behind the wheel of a vehicle.

  6. LJ

    Sad to see that Ms. Manipulator is back at work during her stint at Betty Ford.

    The Producers of Inferno have put off Production until she’s released, moved the location of the shoot from Louisiana to LA to accommodate Ms. Lohan’s legal issues, and have the biggest free publicity campaign going for this movie that has ever been seen.

    Of course they will wait for her. Without Lindsay (and all her publicity) this movie would be lucky to be straight to DVD.

    If there are pre-production meetings that need her input (lol), they can take place at the Betty Ford Clinic. (Just like meetings for her “Fashion” Line).

    She’s just proven that her main character traits continue to be lying and manipulating.

  7. Quit picking on Lindsay!!!! She’s had a rough life you know!!! Her mother and father pimped her out to Disney and then to Hollywood, she’s had no guidance from anyone as to how to deal with her fortune and fame, her parents are less parental than they are predatorial, and she’s still young and dealing with all sorts of pressures!!! None of us would handle ourselves any better if we were put under the same microscope Lindsay is under!!! She’s made mistakes, we ALL have!!! The difference is every little mistake Lindsay makes is reported and spewed to the world!!! It’s almost like she can’t even go to the bathroom in private anymore!!! Back off people!!! Give her some space!!! Or you’ll have ME to deal with!!! You are all a bunch of anima …. SHADDAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very few Hollywood starlets that fall into this trap of partying, drinking, cocaine, and other drug addiction actually clean up their acts and become successful. Drew Barrymore is an exception rather than the rule. Lindsay better hope Inferno becomes a hit and she is allowed to be in the movie because if it bombs, her career or whatever is left of it is gone … which I am hoping happens … because then she will eventually become extremely desperate and a has been so then I can go to LA and meet her as she is either stripping or waiting tables and sweep her off her feet!!!! hahahahaha MY MASTER PLAN IS WORKING!!!

    Ohhh my head, I need a vicodin

  8. Rich

    I thought she was replaced on that Inferno project by another actress…

    • I rem reading that here too. The replacement was buttugly

    • LJ

      Why would anyone want to replace her in the picture. The free PR they are getting from keeping her will give them the number one film for the weekend it’s released.

      Keep in mind that this flick is a “B” Indi production that’s been raising money on Lindsay’s name.

    • Anonymous

      I thought that was all rumor when in fact LL still has the gig and they are in fact waiting on her to finished whatever it is she is dealing with.

      I think the producers/director/movie really needs to show Lindsay’s first ever full frontal either their entire movie is going to get scrapped.

  9. Ted

    She’s showing him what she’s learned in rehab – open your mouth, but wear sunglasses so the skeet doesn’t get in your eyes.

  10. Michael Lohan Visits Lindsay Lohan Rehab
    Commented on this photo:

    Jesus why can’t Michael Lohan just OD already.

  11. Plobes

    Love the picture!!!

  12. friendlyfires

    Lindsey Lohan auditioning for Alien Resurrection 2:It’s On Muthafuckas!

  13. who cares

    why doesn’t lindsay just dye her cocaine orange and slather it all over her body? then no one at the clinic will be able to tell the difference. plus it combines two of her favorite things: licking and being a jackass.

  14. sobrietyisacrutch

    This shit just keeps getting better and better. Somebody let me know if there is a patron saint of porn – I will start praying on a daily basis that “Inferno” does get made with Lindsey.
    And then she dies.

  15. anonymous

    So the rehab center lets her out to go shopping but LL needs a special pass to go to work or meet with people about work?

    The producers should just meet her at the mall. But I guess that’s hard to do with the handbag of coke you are using to pay LL with.

  16. Such a great picture.
    The meeting looks like it went well.
    You know I feel like yelling whenever I see that douchebag’s face. And LiLo has so much more reason to screech at him than any of us.

  17. ExpletiveBMP

    Quit picking On Lindsey? Ha, i’d pick on this dame at every opportunity. If these Cartoon Cha’RACTERS want’s to be taken seriously, then they’d better expect to be traded (like a used condom which was used by twenty men, after having a go at a crack-whore with six STD’s, those known and unknown. but of course I Meant to say TREATED, but thought trading insults with these piece of work, is a bit more accurate); ‘like everyone else’; regular treatment. If they can’t take that sort of heat, then maybe they should melt into obscurity and be forgotten, and become poor, like the rest of us, otherwise, she should shut her yap, do her blow, and expect us to piss in her coffee continuously. And Lindsey, we want a sex tape, and not one from Sam whats her face, because she’s gross, and ya’ll having sex would be incredibly awfully gross since, any sex between crack whores and ethopians is just nasty. And Sam is more ethopian than Starving Marvin. And if Sam whats her face, and Amy winehouse when she had no teeth, and blotches all over her scrawny hide—were the only two cunnies on earth, I’d choose Amy, and to prove it, I’d blow bubbles up her pooper daily, and suck on her cunany to taste the vomit she coughed up after failing to O’D. Sam’s that gross, seriously, she’s like a white cockroach, or a roach after it got rid of it’s skin, and just walked across a desert.

  18. “SKREEEEEEEEEE!”… hee hee hee! I LOL’ed.

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