Lindsay’s Hotel Owner ‘Friend’ is Married

September 23rd, 2011 // 86 Comments

So remember when I posted pics of Lindsay Lohan in hotel owner Vikram Chatwal‘s apartment where he was kissing her in between what looks like snorts of coke? Turns out that guy’s married. With kids. Page Six reports:

A source told us, “Lindsay had been staying at Vikram’s house and even installed her hairdresser in the baby’s room, but was told to leave before his wife arrived from India with the child a few days ago. His father, Sant Singh, has tried to order Lindsay out numerous times.
“Lindsay found out Vikram was hosting a dinner at the Dream, and turned up with a friend at the hotel’s Electric Room, waiting for him,” the source said. “That’s when the trouble started. Priya was very dignified, but Lindsay was so rude. She acted as if she’d had no idea Vikram was married, and tried to make it clear that Vikram was her friend. Others had to step in to calm things down.”

So setting aside the fact Lindsay tainted a room where a small child is supposed to feel safe at night – Can someone get Dina out of the crib while I’m thinking about it? – usually when someone’s just a “good friend,” you greet their wife graciously and go, “How nice to meet you.” In fact, you probably want to do that even if you really are blowing him on the side because otherwise you end up in Page Six looking like a gold-digger who publicly witnessed another gravy train slip through her freckle-letage. On that note, I like how we’ve now seen Lindsay botch her career in three separate fields: Movies, fashion and high society hookering. I honestly don’t know what she has left at this point. And before a bunch of you inevitably say porn, those peoples are professionals who diligently show up on time to get penises put in them. How dare you?

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  1. Can

    How have we not wished Lindsay’s cocaine-muse, Bruce Springsteen, a happy birthday? If he can make it 62 years, she could feasibly live forever.

  2. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
    Commented on this photo:

    Her dress and shoes are really cute. Every time I see pictures of her, I can’t help but think what is she going to look like in 10 years when she’s really a nobody? No money for weaves, make-up, or clothes….what a waste

  3. SarahK

    She’s a has been

  4. cc

    By the looks of it, she shifts her weight to her right knee when ‘persuading people to let her in to parties’

  5. Venom

    I mentioned in the first post with her and him that he was married.
    My crack research turned this up in about 0.5 seconds via Google and Wikipedia.
    I see yours took a few days. lol

    His hotels are supposedly in financial trouble and facing foreclosure and he might have some IRS problems. I assume that you will make a post about this on Monday or Tuesday, right? lol

    And next Friday you will let us know he used to bang Kate Moss and Giselle Bundchen.

    • Cock Dr

      Having obscene amounts a money seems to render people who come into it’s orbit blind and on their backs (or knees).

  6. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
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  7. Bananarama

    He’s dirty and mean, he’s just sleaze machine

  8. Savalas

    Lindsey Lohan is *not* the kind of woman you bring home to your wife!

  9. Dan

    LiLo is getting more and more desperate.

    When is she going to do porn? I would love to see it.

  10. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
    Commented on this photo:

    Girl needs to moisturize them legs.

  11. skunk

    i respect him. he’s a self made millionaire off his daddy’s money.

  12. suck it

    He probably has a small Indian dick. Great job LiLo.

  13. Lydia

    I’m probably in the TINY pool of peope who still thinks LiLo is still attractive, if you take out all the crap cause her personality and lifestyles kills that image soo completely it’s disheartening. I’m sure if her parents hadn’t fucked her up soo badly when she was young, she’d probably have a good career right now and we wouldn’t only know her as this drunk, drugged out whore.

  14. TheDevilYouKnow

    Who the hell told Lilo she looks good with blonde hair? She really needs to stop trying to make the Marilyn thing happen. She could do with the fatal overdose, but the rest of MM shit she needs to stop.

  15. sitin

    Do you suppose she carries her knee pads & condoms in her purse?

  16. LJ

    It appears that Ms. Lohan has been doing this guy since last April.

    There seem to be a separation/divorce in the works, but for now Vikram Chatwal is still married to Priya, and since Priya Chantwal is in the “High Fashion” business one would expect her to be in NYC during fashion week. It does explain why LiLo was walked in by Vikram, and then walked out by Security.

    BTW, if you’re rich enough to send your private jet to the opposite coast to pick up a babe, you’re gonna get laid (many times over).

  17. terry

    Ooooh!!! I bet per pussy stank!!!!!!!!!!
    Too much money and free time. That hoe will clean up or be dead in two years. She is totally out of control.

  18. What a retard

    This bitch clearly doesn’t care about anyone but herself. He’s definitely at fault as well, but she couldn’t care less about a marriage, kids, anyone; it’s all about her & what the whore wants at that exact moment. And, as usualy, she gets away with no comeuppance. I keep waiting for some woman to catch her doing some down low whore stuff & kick the ever loving shit out of her…

  19. dontkillthemessenger

    I think when a man reaches a certain level of wealth, he should be able to move a coke whore into the baby’s room if he wants. Isn’t that really what the American Dream is based on?

    LiLo is far less hotter when the sweater meat is covered up. (Sorry, I haven’t used the term sweater meat in years and needed to dust it off.)

  20. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
    Commented on this photo:

    fake tan fake tan!! hahahah

  21. Beefarino

    She is still prime motorboating territory.

  22. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
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    Don’t you worry. They are, frequently. And she does.

  23. gigi

    …and what’s wrong with small penises?? unless a chick is multiorgasmic, realistically we have no need for anything over 6 inches, so don’t believe the monster penis hype… he’s probably average anyway… besides, doesn’t she like girls too? if he does have a small weiner wouldn’t that be like an awesome huge clit? whatev, cocaine’s a hell of a drug…

  24. CranAppleSnapple

    hehehehe Gigi, you’re actually a dude aren’t you? No need for anything over six inches! :D

  25. CranAppleSnapple

    It sounds like you have not yet compared the experience of big versus small. Do that.

  26. Mike

    Why are these paparazzi shmucks shoving Lindsay Lohan down our throat every day. Seeing her and whatever mess she’s gotten into fills me with depression, nausea, and rage. She’ll never get better with every ass-fisting magazine company head covering her life.

    • It’s not the paps. It’s the guys who buy the photos from the paps. And judging by the number of comments this “story” has generated, there are still a lot of people who have some interest in LiLo.

      Personally, I still read stories about her 1. just to see how much more outlandish she will get; 2. to confirm she’s still alive (because I have predicted she will be the next member of Club 27); and 3. to see if there might be some pictures of her exposed milk duds…cuz they’re still nice.

  27. BeReal

    That’s no line of coke – that’s a shiny new crack pipe, probably purchased just for the occasion or, at that level, each time you smoke crack. Or make someone else smoke crack while you fuck ‘em from behind.
    Coke? Too classy.

  28. forrest gump

    for people whose memory isn’t working properly: HER SECOND NAME IS “LOOOOSER”.

  29. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
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    Any picture of her makes me want to scrub myself down with bleach.

  30. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
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    Looks like Vik just caught a whiff from LiLo’s firepit.

  31. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
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    just saw freaky friday!

    I love her

  32. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
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  33. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
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  34. Miss C

    You forgot to mention her “music career”…Remember that song “Rumors?” 2004, man. She’s a prophet, is all I am saying.

  35. you all seen his old lady, no wonder he cheats, bleargh

  36. Asmitty

    As soon as I saw this picture I had flash-backs to Britney Spears and that sketchy middle eastern dude she used to bang pre-conservatorship. Then I looked at her legs and god damn, either the spray tans have gone wrong or Lindsay’s snorted and sucked her knees caps off.

  37. ....just nick....


  38. Lindsay Lohan Vikram Chatwal
    Commented on this photo:

    Why do you think she is after vikram chatwal (whose looks seem to have taken a serious hit)? It’s all about the money.

    I think she needs to get some quality plastic surgery (or corrective surgery), go be Hefner’s girlfriend and siphon some moolah before he dies.

  39. Danno

    Why can’t she EVER get that damn self tanner on right? And the fucking hair is straight up trash. Just stop it Lindsey! Go get a deep, full body chemical peel to eliminate the freckles, stay away from the spray, and try a medium cool brown bob. It would totally do wonders for her.

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