Lindsay Lohan Thinks It’s Totally Fine For A Recovering Addict To Hang Out With Drug Dealers

August 22nd, 2013 // 19 Comments
Master of Stealth
Lindsay Lohan Trying To Hide Covering Face With Vikram Chatwal
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Yesterday, photos surfaced of Lindsay Lohan hanging out with her old friend Vikram Chatwal, the millionaire hotel owner who was caught muling drugs in Florida, not to mention he was the dude in these shady ass photos. So naturally Lindsay has no idea why anyone thinks this is a big deal or a sign that she’s already back to doing piles of coke until she forgets who her parents are. TMZ reports:

As we previously reported … Chatwal was busted for drug possession in April, but avoided jail by agreeing to 12 months of in-patient rehab.
We’re told Lindsay thinks Vikram is good company because, like her, he’s been through several rehab stints … and is currently in recovery.
Here’s the flaw in that argument … multiple drug counselors — from reputable clinics — tell us Lindsay’s playing with fire by hanging with old friends connected to her partying ways.
Most counselors told us … it’s “not recommended” for recovering addicts to hang with another addict — especially if it’s been a short stretch since they got out of rehab.

In Lindsay’s defense, these “counselors” have no idea how hard it is to get into celebrity parties unless you’re blowing the guy who owns the hotel they’re in. And if Lindsay can’t get into those parties, then people won’t think she’s famous. And if people won’t think she’s famous, then she’ll have to get a real job. And if she has to get a real job, they might not let her take as many smoke breaks as she likes. And if she can’t take as many smoke breaks as she likes, then she’ll have to kill herself. It’s almost as if they want her to die, yet still have the nerve to call themselves therapists. The whole system’s broken.

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  1. Ed

    Waste of oxygen…moving on.

  2. Deacon Jones

    I’m surprised Dr. Drew hasn’t commented yet. He’s probably beating it to someone spilling their guts to him about their Uncle Larry.

  3. schmidtler

    Blah blah blah Lohan blah blah blah cocaine, whatever.
    Where’s the hard hitting, cutting edge journalism I come here for? Fart sniffer James Franco just got his own show, about him, and his fart sniffing. I expected Fish would have had this story up and put together his usual witty skewering of Franco by now. Whatsamatta, Fish, you want us to have to learn about this stuff from our friends on the street corner or something?

  4. Jack Ketch

    Holy kak, those are the ugliest, saggiest, grossest-looking 27 year-old tits I’ve ever seen. Lost cause, this quiff, just a piece of shit with money (unfortunately).

  5. I am laughing my ass off at Fish’s write up. But then again, it is noon here in California. And I am drunk.

  6. Frank "Chelsea" Burns

    How does one work in the entertainment industry, and not be surrounded by addicts or those just out of rehab? Make videos for the 700 Club? Oh damn, I just mentally flashed onto a sex scene with Lindsay Lohan and Pat Robertson. Not feeling well now . . . woozy, nauseous . . .

  7. Veronika Larsson

    Here’s the problem: Lindsay is supporting her leech of a mother (and probably her father and all of her siblings). She’s hanging on by a financial thread and needs to keep whoring herself, which means hanging out with Vikram the Mother of All Prostitution Clients.

    Which means he will push cocaine under her nose and Lindsay, being Lindsay, will snort it.

    I wish you wouldn’t report on LiLo anymore. The end is too painful to watch and I really do feel sorry for her…but I have to look away. I’m not reading anything else about her. I’ll check back in for the obituary.

  8. whatthe

    “Old friend”? More like “current dealer and john”.

  9. ” … doing piles of coke until she forgets who her parents are.” Fish, you’ve explained it.

  10. right

    It won’t be long now. All those looking to score maximum points, add lindsay to your dead poll list immediately.

  11. Lindsay Lohan Trying To Hide Covering Face With Vikram Chatwal
    Dildo Baggins
    Commented on this photo:

    who cares about ol freckle pussy. What i want to know is who’s the young chelsea handler

  12. Matt

    In Lindsay’s defense, she can’t get into celebrity parties without blowing rich dudes. And if Lindsay can’t get into parties, then people won’t think she’s famous. And if people don’t think she’s famous then the only way she can make money is by blowing rich dudes. That’s called logic, people.

  13. Lindsay Lohan Trying To Hide Covering Face With Vikram Chatwal
    Commented on this photo:

    She thinks she can hide behind her hand. And she will for future court proceedings claim with a straight face: ‘That’s not me.”
    She is just making it worse by trying so pathetically to hide. What HAS she got to hide?

  14. Nobody out there actually believes she has any intention or actually wants to get better, do they?

  15. Some of the old-timers in AA say, “Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth, sit down, shut the fuck up and listen.” They will also opine, “Hang around in a barbershop long enough and you’re bound to get a haircut.”

  16. Lindsay Lohan Trying To Hide Covering Face With Vikram Chatwal
    Commented on this photo:

    Put on a fucking bra they are fucking saggy you stupid twat.

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