Lindsay™ Just Showed Up to the Gotti Press Conference

April 13th, 2011 // 80 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was recently reported to be up for the role of Victoria Gotti in the John Gotti biopic Gotti: Three Generations starring John Travolta. Except it turns out she’s only in the very early stages of talks, but that didn’t stop her flapjack titties from just showing up to the press conference in New York yesterday while dressed like her mom. The AP reports:

Producer Marc Fiore confirmed Tuesday that he’s in talks with Lohan, whom he called “a terrific actress,” but said nothing had been finalized.
Lohan, who has starred in such films as “Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday,” sat in the front row at the press conference and posed for photos with the cast and crew but didn’t talk to the press. She has been plagued by legal problems in recent years and is now battling a felony grand theft charge in California over a $2,500 necklace.

Of course, the best part will be if it turns out she was invited, but only to generate press (Kudos, by the way.) and not to eventually cast her. Just to really drive home where her career is at. “So, you want me to show up, act like I’m part of the cast even though I’m not and will end up looking like an idiot, but there’ll definitely be cameras there? — I’m in.”

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  1. Snooki's Taint

    One man’s ‘flapjack titties’ is another man’s ‘method acting’.

  2. Meh, you don’t get far in life unless you deal yourself into things

  3. Nome King

    Could she possibly age any worse?

  4. Lindsay Lohan
    Fierce Darling
    Commented on this photo:

    She really needs to go back to her natural hair colour.

  5. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    What the fuck.. cloning?

  6. dudeatdudedotdude


  7. Tommy

    And then Sean Young showed up dressed as Catwoman.

  8. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    holy flap tits

  9. Richard McBeef

    she looks kinda like cybil shepard in that first pic, just 10 years older.

  10. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    I suddenly crave IHOP for breakfast.

  11. hmna

    Remember, kids: Flapjack titties = real.

  12. JC

    Travolta’s in this thing? Well, maybe Scientology will be good for Lilo.

  13. LJ

    Now let me get this straight.

    There is a biopic film about three generations of the Gotti Family, which would include John Gottti’s father, John Gotti, and John Gotti, Jr.

    Travolta will play the famed New York mafia boss; Joe Pesci has agreed to play Angelo Ruggiero, deputy to infamous New York mafia boss (Travolta).

    So it seems that this is going to be a gangster film about the “Mafia”.

    “There’s no women in the “Mafia”". (read as though Tom Hanks is saying “There’s no crying in baseball”)

    Victoria Gotti is a college drop out who married one of John Gotti’s lower level “business associates” and was a stay at home mother until her father was dead and her husband was in jail. Then she divorced her husband to get the house and the money.

    So I guess it’s a the Victoria Gotti role would be three scenes:
    1.) The wedding.
    2.) John Gotti’s funeral
    3.) maybe only two scenes.

    This role could be filled by an extra.

  14. Lindsay Lohan
    The Most Interesting
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    I see she’s still practicing her mugshot.

  15. Lindsay Lohan
    The Most Interesting
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    “Hark! Do I spy crack rocks thru yonder sewer grate?”

  16. AlexK

    For the love of god, someone get that girl a bra.

  17. adolf hitler

    maple syrup. on them. flapjacks.

  18. the captain

    sorry, I HAVE TO PUKE!!

  19. Not as rough as we think are we?

    Not interested until I find out who’s playing Sammy the Bull. And its better be someone from a certain MTV rating gold.

  20. ZigZagZoey

    What is the deal with Victoria Gotti’s ginormous alien head?

  21. catapostrophe

    “… but they’ll definitely be cameras there?” = “but they will definitely be cameras there.”

    “there’ll” = “there will”.


  22. Lindsay Lohan
    dude on the right
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    “great tits”

  23. Lindsay Lohan
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    The Olsen were there too?

  24. Lindsay Lohan
    who cares?
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    no, this is perfect. which other bright young hollywood actress would they cast as a 48-year-old woman?

  25. skygirl

    wow, im 33 and and her teeth are much more yellow then mine.
    i drink a lot of dark liquor too.. much be all the cigarettes… she should get them whitened…

    • ..or when she drinks wine out of the box she could use a straw?..This way she wont tarnish her pearly yellows and it will get her drunk faster, double win!!

    • Dodo Uptown

      You’re 33 and have no clue about proper punctuation or the difference between th words “then” and “than”? Kill yourself immediately.

  26. Lindsay Lohan
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    @who cares?

    I don’t think they are making the movie based on current events, dumbfuck.

  27. codapea

    I really cannot tell the difference between her and Dina Lohan lately. They look the same age. She doesn’t look anything like a “young hollywood actor ” any more.

  28. Lindsay Lohan
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    She is just so tiresome now. I mean what can be said about her. She shows up now at press conferences hoping they would cast her. This is really almost tragically sad. What a waste of a young life.

  29. Double chin, saggy, pale flesh sacks — Grandma, what are you doing in The Superficial?! Did you forget your medication again?

  30. Pour Me Another One

    If they cast her, it will be a must miss movie, are they going for a flop like the plot of The Producers?

  31. daveo

    This chick is talentless and a fucking idiot, yeah put her in a mob film she is about that classy and the fact, that this movie is being made makes the people watching it even dumber. Do we get a cut of the profits since our tax dollars paid for the fucks jail time..

  32. Lindsay Lohan
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  33. a prince formerly known as an artist

    not feeling it . Her price for bj’s in the back seat should go down accordingly.

  34. bobo

    1960′s Lucille Ball…..

  35. Peroxide burned hair…check!
    48 year-old boobs… check!

    Hell, it’s like she was born and bred for this role!

  36. Lindsay Lohan
    elmo smithy
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    “why the quotes?”

  37. If Travolta and Lindsay™ are both cast for this movie, they are going to need to quarantine all children in a 50 mile radius.

  38. Smiley

    What sad, saggy 2 toned boobies.

  39. Lindsay Lohan
    violent vomit
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    looks ok for 45

  40. dramkit

    It’s seriously weird that saggy boobs like those used to be the norm once.

    • wanda

      yeah, the “norm” is also called “normal boobs” not implants…get to know the real female body..

  41. ew

    lindsay lohan’s face is starting to look like ralph malph from happy days

  42. herbiefrog

    we’re relaxed about check in times : )))

    have fun )

  43. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    She needs some of that orange make up on her chest. That shit is blinding.

  44. wanda

    wow, you know Lindsay and everyone else the fish writes about is dying for your approval, random 15 year olds that post on here…and they live their lives according to whether you approve or not…get lives!!!

  45. Lindsay Lohan
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    and yet you cant help yourself but comment… hoping for someone to see that you toooooo… exist ?

  46. Lindsay Lohan
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    Her face looks kinda fat. Maybe just bloated? Do drugs do that?

  47. puddleduck

    Does this poor bitch not look in the mirror before she leaves the house? Her makeup ends somewhere in the middle of her neck and those tits… those tits are the fucking worst thing I’ve ever seen. I would rather look at the udders on a 10 year old sow that that shit.

  48. Lindsay Lohan
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    She forgot Buscemi’s eyes on. And her mom’s body.

  49. Her breasts will go nicely with her future job at IHOP.

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