A.J. McLean Paid $40,000 For Lindsay Lohan as a Vampire

May 11th, 2011 // 42 Comments

And by Lindsay Lohan as a vampire I mean just this photo. The one up top. $40,000. RadarOnline reports:

Shields told RadarOnline.com: “A. J. paid between $30,000 and $40,000 for the large print of Lindsay with Michael Trevino. I was really thrilled with how the exhibition went and we sold a lot of my images on the night including one of Diana Agron from Glee, Emma Roberts and actors Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll.
“This is what I do for a living and my subjects do not get a cut of any sales generated just a lot of exposure by being photographed by me. Hopefully, I will work with Lindsay again and she was thrilled with the results of our latest collaboration.”

Awesome. I’m going to just go ahead and write the following headline in advance, saving myself the rush later: “A.J. McLean Files For Bankruptcy, ‘I Have No Idea How This Happened,’ He Says Beneath $40,000 Photograph of Vampire Lindsay Lohan.”

Photos: TylerShields.com


  1. Really

    May seem stupid now, but we all know it’s just a matter of time before Lindsay tries to kill someone with a letter opener. That’s got to be why he bought this, right?

  2. “You see, it’s all very symbolic. The vampire, well actually, she just represents Lindsay Lohan. But the blood-sucked corpse, he represents society.”

  3. Ed

    Fish think of all the free advertising this guy got from that $40K investment. People all over the world heard his name for the first time . . . even though not because he’s a good photographer.

  4. Drew

    Pretty pompous for such shit, amateur pictures. I could take better pictures with my phone. What a terrible fucking photographer.

  5. Brandon

    Why not just pay a broke graphic design major $20 to photoshop out the “tylershields.com” and get a large print made yourself?

  6. ““This is what I do for a living and my subjects do not get a cut of any sales generated just a lot of exposure by being photographed by me. ”

    at least he’s broken free of the “hipster douchebag who thinks spending his birthday money from Gramma on a camera makes him an important artist” mold. I mean, this is some serious artistic stuff here…sure the photo was point and click, but there’s composition elements like getting Lindsay to wake up before noon, and putting a bra on.

    I’m just going to put it down in black and white…photography is not art. Get over it and get a job.

  7. Frank

    i would let her suck my…

  8. Lindsay Lohan Vampire
    Commented on this photo:

    I collect celebrity turds. I have a Lawrence Hilton Jacobs.. a carrie underwood and Mrs. Cunningham from happy days. I’m paying $300 for a solid Lohan bm

  9. xx

    why is tyler shields famous??!?! how tragic

  10. the captain

    .with what?
    “Monopoly Money”?

  11. Dammit Fish! And I THANKED you for not showing this… I am taking you off my Ramadan card mailing list…

  12. Annie

    These are hack photos. Does this guy own a light meter or have any idea how to light a set? If it weren’t for the celebrity subject matter, he couldn’t even get these posted on flickr.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • uncle ruckus

      It’s apropos for what is happening in so many arenas; watered-down “starlets,” who are marginal actors and marginal looking, a “music” industry made up of people who have zero musical ability or training, a mass media made up of “journalists” who do no investigative work of their own and just live off the AP wire, major sports teams rife with criminals and ne-er-do-wells, a morally bankrupt political class who spends our country into oblivion while sending tens of thousands of soldiers overseas to die in futile “military operations,” so why not a contingent of shitty photogs who get paid gobs of money for their “work?”

    • This is what you get when “professional artist photographers” spend half their time taking pictures and the other half trying to convince people that photography is Art.

      Once you water down the concept of “art” to the point where taking pictures of stuff is included, then yes…any hack with a camera is an artist by your definition.

    • cc

      Someone whose lighting is provided by a rechargable flashlight is unlikely to have a light meter, I suspect.

  13. Lindsay Lohan Vampire
    Commented on this photo:


  14. Steph

    oh but SF writer… you forget… AJ is a backstreet boy… they are making LOADS of money this summer alone touring with new kids on the block… and then the backstreet boy cruise this december (I am a BSB fan… though I’m getting married 2 days before they come to my city and will be on my honeymoon when they are here :( haha)… AJ won’t be going bankrupt for probably another 10 years as long as the group decides to keep making music and touring… you’ll probably forget all about this photo and your jumping ahead headline by then :P haha… that said.. why the hell would ANYONE want to purchase this horrible photo of Lindsay for 40k? 1) it’s lindsay lohen and one day she’ll be obsolete and then you’ll just get mad that you spent so much money purchasing a bad photo of her in the first place.. and 2) 40k on a stupid vampire photo of a stupid drunk taken by some obviously stupid photographer is just plain stupid! I wouldn’t be able to justify spending even 10 dollars on that piece of crap photo…

  15. Lindsay Lohan Vampire
    Commented on this photo:

    Well…better than in real life, I guess

  16. Lindsay Lohan Vampire
    Commented on this photo:

    so they finally took pics of what it’ like to have sex with Lindsay Lohan.

  17. cc

    Despite her shortcomings, if Lohan straddled me like that, I can guarantee the arrival of Mr. Wood.

  18. The Critical Crassness

    And to think he could have gotten it for free…all he had to do was show her something that looked like a “rock” and refuse to give it to her. Her fangs would have automatically exposed themselves.

  19. testington

    Let’s tell it like it is, AJ McClean is a really big Vampire Diaries fan and the only pictures of Michael Trevino (Werewolf dude from the show) also happened to have Lindsay in them.

  20. Johnny Cage

    I think Lindsay is hot but Vampires are just disgusting. For the life of me I can’t find what’s so sexy about the whole Vampire culture. I’ve seen goths and teenage girls think they’re hot as hell. I mean WTF? Who the hell likes gore mixed with sex, unless you’re Jeffrey Dahmer and Alester Crowley?

  21. Pat C

    So Lindsey will get a lot of exposure from this photo?
    How fantastic for her, because she’s such an obscure figure right now.

  22. Why spend $40K when we can just wait a few years and enjoy the crime scene photos for free….

  23. Brooke

    Maybe it’s a symbol of her success to have the walls appear to be caving in on top of a bloodthirsty, coked-out Lindsay? I think the corpse is Samantha Ronson.

  24. Juano

    No matter how you look at this, these pictures are pathetic, and have about as much value as a used kleenex. They look like they were taken with a camera phone, and she looks as ridiculous as her reputation would imply.

    No class, no brains, no talent, no future.

  25. Juano

    You know, looking at these stupid pictures, it strikes me that she really looks awful, despite the fact that they are trying to make her look hot.

    She sort of looks like a 40 year old woman you see in a cheap bar, who was really hot when she was younger, but now shows the mileage and is desperately trying to pretend she still is hot. You know, the sort that looks in the mirror and a fog comes over it so she sees herself as really great looking; all the wear and tear fades away and she sees herself as a 16 year old, hot looking babe.

  26. Lindsay Lohan Vampire
    Commented on this photo:

    horrid photography…

    …40k for a masturbatory fantasy ?

    toooo cheap

  27. oh i know

    is this the “career” she keeps saying she can’t wait to get back to???

    • Juano

      Wonder if this “career” move took time away from her work with the homeless, that seems to be all over TMZ?

  28. ShoopDaWhoop

    Pretty sure he made bank with the NKOTBSB concert sales… he can afford it :)

  29. Lindsay Lohan Vampire
    Commented on this photo:

    you can see her coke nose so clearly in this one hehe

  30. Brit

    Oh for goodness sakes… I LOVE all of the judgmental people on these message boards. Just a guess, AJ bought this because 1) He does work with Tyler Shields (he’s showing support to a friend– that’s what friends do)… 2) HE HAS MONEY TO DO WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS TO DO WITH IT. And if you think AJ McLean is going be filing for bankrupcy any time soon, you don’t know jack about his career or what kind of money the BSB fanbase is willing to dish out on a regular to still be a part of the Backstreet Army. (Trust me, I am nowhere near the top of that list…) As long as the BSB is putting on a show, there WILL be fans. All of y’all haters– AJ thanks you for your time and attention regarding how he spends HIS money. LoL…

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