A.J. McLean Paid $40,000 For Lindsay Lohan as a Vampire

And by Lindsay Lohan as a vampire I mean just this photo. The one up top. $40,000. RadarOnline reports:

Shields told RadarOnline.com: “A. J. paid between $30,000 and $40,000 for the large print of Lindsay with Michael Trevino. I was really thrilled with how the exhibition went and we sold a lot of my images on the night including one of Diana Agron from Glee, Emma Roberts and actors Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll.
“This is what I do for a living and my subjects do not get a cut of any sales generated just a lot of exposure by being photographed by me. Hopefully, I will work with Lindsay again and she was thrilled with the results of our latest collaboration.”

Awesome. I’m going to just go ahead and write the following headline in advance, saving myself the rush later: “A.J. McLean Files For Bankruptcy, ‘I Have No Idea How This Happened,’ He Says Beneath $40,000 Photograph of Vampire Lindsay Lohan.”

Photos: TylerShields.com