Lindsay Lohan Tried To Talk A Rich Dude Into Buying Her A $20,000 Watch

February 10th, 2012 // 53 Comments

Despite showing up to looking like the World’s Puffiest Little Coke Addict, Lindsay Lohan apparently thought she was still the big-breasted, underage freckle girl America couldn’t wait to stick its penis into and tried to schmooze some rich guy at the amfAR Gala into buying her a $20,000 diamond watch. (Read: She forgot her good thievin’ purse.) Page Six reports:

Spies said that when Lohan recognized a wealthy Canadian financier at a nearby table, she shot over to schmooze him — but then sent an assistant over when bidding on the charity auction began.
“There were items being auctioned for $20,000,” said a spy. “After chatting with the businessman, Lindsay sent over an assistant, who said, ‘Lindsay would very much like it if you’d bid on this item as a gift.’ ”
However, the gentleman declined. “He just cracked up,” our source said — and the piece, believed to be a Hublot diamond watch with a white alligator strap, went to another bidder.

In this guy’s defense, there’s no way he would’ve got the 4,000 BJs necessary to break even on this deal before fashion week ended. Lindsay Lohan’s good, but she’s not that good. Now had the watch been only $10,000, she probably could’ve knocked out her end in a night. It really comes down to math, so she shouldn’t take it personally not counting that part where her face ruined the whole deal. Just fucked it right up.

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  1. And by assistant, we mean someone who is so desperate for fame and so totally “cracked out” that they would willingly work as assistance to Lindsay Lohan.

  2. It is only February and my Dead Pool is really gonna score big at this rate.

  3. combobreaker

    LOL stupid whore

  4. Johnny P!

    Lindsay: (to assistant) A Canadian financier, you say? Hmmm…. They don’t have the Internet up there yet, do they? Quick – how’s my hair? How’re my teeth? How do you say “deep throat” in Canadian?

    • Joe Blow

      Kinda weird that I am surfing this website, seeing as we don’t have the internet yet. I must be a bleeding edge Canadian. Either way, this coke whore’s squish mitten is all used up.

  5. rican

    $5 for a blow job? That’s a tad high for insertion into a meth mouth.

  6. Rupert


  7. mark m

    “Lindsay would very much like it if you’d bid on that vat of penicillin as a gift.”

  8. What kind of famewhore hanger-on would one have to be to interrupt a stranger’s dinner to try and get them to buy a Lohan a watch? How many times do you imagine this person has cleaned up vomit and god knows what else?

  9. mark m

    “Lindsay would very much like it if you’d purchase that Whopper, Jr. as a gift.”

  10. Tom

    I’m so disappointed every time I read her name and it isn’t her obituary.

  11. Cock Dr

    Very difficult to spot cocaine spills or any kind of splotches/stains/powders on a coat like that.
    Just sayin’.

  12. JC

    “Lindsay would very much like it if….oh, fuck it, I’ve had enough of this life.” (Puts pistol in mouth, pulls trigger.)

  13. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Commented on this photo:

    (cue music) “I’m singing in cocaine, just singing in cocaine. What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again.”

  14. E.E. Cummings

    “TITS OR–actually.. just get the fuck out.”

  15. Michael

    Not gonna end with her, is it?

  16. Jade

    It seems that Lindsay Lohan is now a homeless beggar.

  17. Boo

    Come on…I realize he probably could not have gotten it up enough to justify that many BJ’s but he could have treated his friends.

  18. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Expert on Everything
    Commented on this photo:

    Sorry to be mean but not really, she looks like she shops at TJ Maxx (no offence TJ).

  19. just say'n

    Just when you think she’s scrapping the bottom of the barrel, she surprises us all by stooping just a wee-bit lower. How long before she starts to steel from baby strollers?

    • Rosalie

      I really hate to sound like I’m clutching my pearls, but — really! This, if true, is one of the worst things I’ve ever read about her.

  20. cc

    Just in case you needed another reason to want to be a wealthy financier…you get to crack up in Lindsay Lohan’s face when she makes a ridiculous request. That’s worth the price of an MBA right there.

  21. Jeff in St Louis

    Can we all agree that Lindsey Lohan has pretty much become the drug addled slut that Tara Reid played in The Big Lebowski?

  22. mando

    God she looks washed out.

    Dirty dish water comes to mind.

  23. Don't Look Now

    She’s got a really disgusting double chin.

  24. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Commented on this photo:

    Pick yourself up and don’t fall through the cracks. your much to wise a nd smart for that. you already know this. Peace out sister!! much love!!

  25. Carla

    This gem from the nineties comes to mind whenever I read a Lilo post:

  26. Jonas Grumby

    I’m just surprised Lindsay even knows what a watch is, since by reputation she hasn’t been on time anywhere for years.

  27. LJ

    So, she’s made it official. She’s now a hooker.

  28. forrest gump

    even californians can’t deny it any longer.

    so where will this story end? THE GRAVEYARD?

  29. Professor Chaos

    For 20k she better let me crap and pee on her face after I’m done banging her. Not that I’m into that stuff but I mean it’s Lindsay Lohan. Why not crap on her if you can?

  30. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Commented on this photo:

    “$50 is standard, but…did you say an eight ball AND a Waffle House gift certificate? STOP THE CAR.”

  31. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Commented on this photo:

    She is a nervy bitch!

  32. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Commented on this photo:

    Fluffy white coat hides the meth powder best

  33. CranAppleSnapple

    That is so deeply cringeworthy. I just want to smack her in the head.

  34. OK, so the mark got wise to her scam – next week’s the pigeon-drop and that’s sure to work. Eventually she’s gonna be running a 3 Card Monte game on Hollywood Blvd.

  35. Die already...

    Geezus… this stupid bitch has absolutely no shame. What did she do, promise him she suck & fuck him if he bought her a watch? Maybe those rumors about her turning tricks are true after all…

  36. lala

    hmm there is no evidence this happened, i mean i am sure she is a total trainwreck but right now it is so easy to say anything you like about her and for people to half believe it, so it may be true or it might not be

  37. Hawk

    Seriously, she still gets invited to events like this?

  38. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Commented on this photo:

    sneaking in the back of another event

  39. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Commented on this photo:

    No no NO, respect my privacy PLEASE!

  40. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Commented on this photo:

    Lohan uses her repulsor field

  41. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Ed Pardy
    Commented on this photo:

    No, no,no. I haven’t got any panties on!!

  42. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Martin Beck
    Commented on this photo:

    she still maintains that sweet girl look , no matter how old she gets . Can’t take that away , she has some excellent acting chops and what she does to further her career is her business and we all do it in one way or another . But PR is good so more power to you Lindsey

  43. Lindsay Lohan New York Fashion Week
    Martin Beck
    Commented on this photo:

    and btw this notion of making a point to tell us some one is using drugs has past the point of lame . Every body takes drugs so lay off and find some thing new

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