Lindsay Lohan Tried To Talk A Rich Dude Into Buying Her A $20,000 Watch

Despite showing up to looking like the World’s Puffiest Little Coke Addict, Lindsay Lohan apparently thought she was still the big-breasted, underage freckle girl America couldn’t wait to stick its penis into and tried to schmooze some rich guy at the amfAR Gala into buying her a $20,000 diamond watch. (Read: She forgot her good thievin’ purse.) Page Six reports:

Spies said that when Lohan recognized a wealthy Canadian financier at a nearby table, she shot over to schmooze him — but then sent an assistant over when bidding on the charity auction began.
“There were items being auctioned for $20,000,” said a spy. “After chatting with the businessman, Lindsay sent over an assistant, who said, ‘Lindsay would very much like it if you’d bid on this item as a gift.’ ”
However, the gentleman declined. “He just cracked up,” our source said — and the piece, believed to be a Hublot diamond watch with a white alligator strap, went to another bidder.

In this guy’s defense, there’s no way he would’ve got the 4,000 BJs necessary to break even on this deal before fashion week ended. Lindsay Lohan’s good, but she’s not that good. Now had the watch been only $10,000, she probably could’ve knocked out her end in a night. It really comes down to math, so she shouldn’t take it personally not counting that part where her face ruined the whole deal. Just fucked it right up.

Photos: Splash News