Lindsay Lohan Told to Stay Away from ‘Machete’ Premiere

Lindsay Lohan was released from rehab with plenty of time to attend the premiere of her latest movie Machete yet was noticeably absent on the red carpet. Turns out Robert Rodriguez didn’t want her there, according to Us Weekly:

“He was frantically trying to track down her manager to make sure she didn’t go,” says the source.
While a 20th Century Fox rep says it’s “not true,” the source tells Us, “She wasn’t welcome there.”

I find it odd that Robert Rodriguez would turn down free publicity – the large breasted kind at that – but then again, I could see how Lindsay being there might take the focus off the film. “Jessica Alba, how does it feel to have an ‘actress’ here who’s barely in the movie yet she’s all everyone wants to talk about? Ha! Just kidding. I don’t care what you think. Look, Lindsay’s got droopy eyes! Whee!”

UPDATE: Mr. Skin confirms Lindsay is NOT nude in Machete, despite Internet reports to the contrary, which proves she had no business being on that red carpet. Or even in the same town if you ask me.

Photos: Splash News