Lindsay Lohan Thinks Gerard Butler Would Make A Great Richard Burton To Her Elizabeth Taylor

If you’re wondering why the hell these are photos of Lindsay Lohan on a red carpet, it’s only Star magazine’s All Hollywood event which featured such “famous” faces as, well, Lindsay Lohan and (I think) the dude from Shahs of Sunset who apparently jumped immediately to haggling over her price. – “I see on Internet you bang wealthy middle-eastern men, no? Two dollar.” – Anyway, some poor bastard from E! News had to cover the event where Lindsay fired back at Rosie O’Donnell and basically revealed she’s crazy enough to think there’s even the slightest possibility Gerard Butler might consider starring in a Lifetime TV movie with her:

As for Lindsay’s onscreen love interest? She told reporters she has someone in mind to play Richard Burton, but she doesn’t want to jinx it.
When one reporter suggested Gerard Butler for the role, Lindsay mused, “I don’t know if he would do that, but he actually does remind me of [Richard] a lot.”

“And,” she further mused, “I hear the Porta-potties at Lifetime are breathtaking. Like purely driven snow. That you can snort up your nose. Then have sex with me in. — I’ll fuck Gerard Butler in a toilet full of drugs if he does it. Write that down.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN