1. That’s just really bad kerning between the “e” in “like,” and the word, “I.” At least there aren’t any typos. It’s always embarrassing when you have to go back to the parlor and have the word, “sic,” tattooed next to your tatttoo.

  2. Do Freebird

    i’m Lindsay Lohan and I dont have to worry about punctuation mainly because i have no idea what it is

  3. Normal Male

    LiLo’s view of her new tattoo:

    efink a sa prahs ,latsyrc a sa raelC
    efil ym fo emirp eht ni m’I ekil leef I

    And yet the only way she can read it is in a mirror. I’m sure she has plenty of those lying around the house.

  4. devilsrain

    Clear as crystal meth

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