Lindsay Lohan Met With Syrian Refugees? The Lindsay Lohan?

Imagine this. You’re seven, eight, nine-years-old fleeing your home country so your family won’t be murdered in the streets by terrorists. You arrive in a new country only to be met with distrust and cries from around the globe to send you back into the arms of the people trying to kill you because idiots think you’re secretly one of them. Is today the day you have to go back? Or will it be in the middle of the night? Then a freckled vodka-monster walks into your room and expects you to know who the fuck she is even though you were born years after the last relevant movie she made was in theaters.

And to top it all off, she stole your only sweater.

lindsay lohan syrian refugees
“So what I’ll do now is put this in my purse and not scream that you have a bomb on you. That way we both get a present!”

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