Lindsay™ Might Be in Superman

If you consider “sources close to Lindsay Lohan” to be someone besides her mom talking in a fake British accent, apparently she’s is talks to star in Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel, according to RadarOnline:

“Lindsay plans to return from New York on Wednesday and meet with producers and read with an actor who is up for the role of Lex Luther,” a source close to the actress told
The film’s powerbrokers remain interested in casting her in a role as a villain, has been told.
Lohan had wanted the role of Superman’s love-interest Lois Lane, but is said to be excited with the news that producers are still considering her for another gig in the much anticipated film, despite all her issues.
“Lindsay said she would be ecstatic to be part of the Superman movie… it’s a dream of hers,” close pal Nathan Folks told when asked about the potential casting.

If any of this is even remotely true, the only way Zack Snyder can torpedo this movie anymore in the eyes of fans is to have Batman kick Superman’s ass in the first five minutes followed by a brutal twenty minute butt rape at the hands of a prototypical high school bully. Which he’s probably considering right now in really slow-motion. “Hear me out: What if during the love scene, the “S” from Superman’s belt falls almost excruciatingly slow into a puddle of rain while “Free Bird” plays? Then, just as he’s ready to fight back, every Marvel character kicks him in the dick. Let’s do that.”

Photos: Splash News