Lindsay Lohan Sued For That Time She Hit A Baby With Her Car

“Bras? Where we’re going we don’t need bras…”

I don’t make it an effort to cover the 800 lawsuits Lindsay Lohan’s served with everyday mostly because she’s an over-entitled drug addict who doesn’t see the need to pay for goods or services, so they really should come as no surprise. But this one involves my favorite Lindsay anecdote. Namely the time she hit a fucking baby with her car. TMZ reports:

The accident occurred in September, 2010. TMZ broke the story … a witness claimed he saw Lindsay run a red light in her sports car in West Hollywood, hitting a nanny who was pushing a stroller across the intersection.
The witness claimed 3 of the 4 wheels on the stroller became airborne. The child wasn’t injured but the nanny — Nubia Del Carmen Preza — claims she was, and that’s why she is suing.

While I want to say this is an open and shut case considering you have a woman pushing a baby stroller who got struck by a goddamn car versus the drug-fueled driver of said car, keep in mind this is the California legal system we’re talking about, so don’t be surprised when Lindsay walks out of the courtroom with full custody of the child. I’d almost count on it.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, Splash News