Lindsay Lohan Pulled Another Jewel Heist. Allegedly.

Apparently it’s Creature of Habit Day, because TMZ is reporting Lindsay Lohan went to a house party Sunday night where jewelry mysteriously went missing and the two dudes she brought with her are the prime suspects. I’m as shocked as you are:

The party lasted all night. Lindsay left at around noon Monday, but before she took off … the owner realized several expensive watches and some sunglasses were missing. He told everyone to stay and then called the cops.
The cops approached Lindsay and began asking questions. Lindsay then asked, “Am I a suspect?” A cop answered, “No.” Lindsay — who knows a thing or 2 about her legal rights — blew them off and left.
The owner of the house told cops … he believes the 2 men Lindsay brought to the party stole the goods.

I like how Lindsay asked if she’s a suspect because that’s something an innocent person asks all the time. Even better, notice how the cops just completely let her go. They probably walked over to the owner and shot him for even suggesting she’s behind it. “You jerk, she’s having a comeback!” BLAM! BLAM!