Lindsay Lohan Stole Jewelry Again

February 2nd, 2011 // 62 Comments

Presumably to remind us that sending her to rehab instead of jail was a complete crock of shit, Lindsay Lohan stole a $2,500 necklace only to have an assistant turn it into the police right before they got to her house with a search warrant, according to RadarOnline:

As has previously reported, on February 1, police went to court seeking a search warrant for Lohan’s Venice Beach home because they suspected the Mean Girls star, 24, swiped a high end piece of jewelry from a store in Venice Beach on January 22.
The necklace was turned in before the search warrant was executed.
Investigators told the court they actually have video of the troubled actress wearing the missing bling.
“Lindsay is being accused of stealing high end jewelry, including a necklace,” one law enforcement source with knowledge of the situation told

The D.A. is deciding whether to pursue charges which means he won’t because why bother when she’ll just end up going to another spa for 30 days? In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsay orchestrated this whole thing just to get in the press. (Congrats, by the way.) She probably walked out with the necklace knowing full well she can just say the store loaned it to her and it’s all just a “misunderstanding,” but, OMG, we’re all out to get her. That or she realized it’s easier to whip babies in strollers with a nice, sturdy gold chain and didn’t have time for pedestrian exchanges of currency because she’s so pretty. It’s a coin toss.

UPDATE: Like clockwork.

Photos: Flynet


  1. THIS guy

    what is that HAND??? i’m so scared right now.

  2. Eatmycookie shit, that is one scary hand.

  3. Mortimer Duke

    Nevermind John Travolta playing John Gotti, get this bitch to do it because she is the REAL Teflon Don.

  4. Rough City, U.S.A.

    I need a quote from Trump.

  5. mike

    Her walking pose reminds me of the vintage Bigfoot video footage

    • I was thinking the same thing. Except the skunk-ape is a sweet, docile creature who would never do up all my blow at Sketch and then tell me that “the bouncers took it”.

      • Deryn

        Where’s the fucking “Like” button? Goddamn FB has ruined me. Anyway, I “Like” you, Bowman.

  6. Aghast

    Is it really stealing if you’re entitled to everything this world has to offer? Shouldn’t we just call it a day trying to police her, and just give her the keys to the world?

  7. WTF

    The california judicial system is a joke. They really should be embarassed to sit behind that bench.

  8. molly

    don’t care. next.

  9. the more meat i see on her thighs the more i want to fuck the living shit out of her. and the more i fucked the shit out of her the less time she’d have to pull shit like this. so yeah my cock is the answer to her problems. lucky her!

    • For a minute the same thing almost happened to me, just step back and think about how dirty she is and you’ll come to your senses. Ladies pay no attention, go back in the kitchen nothing to see here.

  10. Well, who can blame her? She needs a $2500 necklace to complete that stylish jean-shorts-and-tank-top outfit she’s wearing. She’s a sock designer, dontcha know!

  11. George Burley

    “…they suspected the Mean Girls star, 24, swiped a high end piece of jewelry from a store in Venice Beach on January 22.”

    Sorry but a $2,500 necklace is NOT a “high end piece of jewelry”. I can walk in any mall in the United States and find necklaces that exceed that price which means it’s not a high end piece.

    So really Lindsay Lohan isn’t a high end thief, she steals cheap shit too.

  12. Mortimer Duke

    In this pic she looks like she scouring for someone’s dick to suck so she can get a hit. She looks precisely like a Wal-Mart truck stop crackhead.

  13. I want you all to know I am not a pervert and I never found Lindsay to be attractive, but right now I am considering it. I am also considering rubbing one out while imagining this vixen swallowing my knob and molesting my balls with her knockers. Simply because I’d like to give her my own personal necklace.

    • Update, it’s not happening. I might be disgusted with myself for a few days. It’s funny that she shaves her legs but no one alive or dead thinks of her sexually.

  14. Would they please lock this strung out bitch up. What the hell does she have to do to get put away. Damn I wish she would just OD already.

  15. jojo

    Diseased junkie skulks down alley with stolen jewelry. Where is the story here?

  16. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    An abandoned Big Mac ages more gracefully than this chick.

  17. JRS

    I wonder what would happen if I stole $2,500 worth of jewelery?

  18. She should just be that one girl on xbox, you know who I mean. That’s about it.

  19. babooda

    Lindsay Lohan, the female Charlie Sheen stole a necklace? Hah, it just accidentally fell into her purse and was quickly returned to the store once her handler, er…assistant discovered it was there! Yeah that’s the ticket!

  20. GravyLeg

    I wish the DA would just violate her parole already and send her to the big house for real. She must smoking poles down at city hall to be getting away with all this crap.

  21. CC

    Put this piece of shit in jail. End of story!

  22. That’s some seriously dark upper-lip fuzz she’s got going on: it’s like Fred Flintstone’s permanent five o’clock shadow. But seriously, this girl is really starting to look like shit. I don’t mean your average, run-of-the-mill bad day “looking like shit”, I’m talking Courtney Love “looking like shit”. Which, as we all know, is QUITE serious. She needs help. For fuck’s sake, she was adorable in The Parent Trap. What the hell happened?

  23. Johnny Cage

    Me and Lindsay should exchange jewelry. I’ll give her a pearl necklace and then she can squat over me and shower me with gold.

  24. CC

    Funk and Wagnall are foolish if they don’t use her pic to illistrate the definition of skank. IMHO

  25. WHY do they even bother to arrest or reveal shit to the public about this bitch? They’re just gonna give her a slap on the wrist and let her go anyways.

  26. Ilikeyp


  27. HMMM

    She should go to jail… frickin thief!!!!

  28. RasputinsLiver


    Ahh, this bitch is way too skanky and stupid for words.


    Aside from her sheer dim-wittedness, narcissism, arrogance and…other stuff, there’s no way I’d pork that thing. No way to sloppy umpteeths, especially after she rooted around in that nasty Ronson chick’s snatch.


    Goddamn. I think I just made myself sick.


  29. Cock Dr

    Umemployable (except for fashion shoots which she may or may not show up for) & losing her looks. A thief & a junkie. It’s a lost cause. Jail her.

    • Johnny Cage

      I’m pretty sure you can expect Lindsay’s popularity to grow. They always say in the media that any publicity is good publicity. She has a bad girl image now that could really sell. Remember when Hugh Grant slept with that thing who looked like Chris Tucker with a whig on? Yeah well when Grant went on Leno, that show ate ratings like crazy. She’ll be around for a while. I like her but I just hope she can stay away from those poisons (drugs).

  30. Lindsay Lohan
    Charmless Man
    Commented on this photo:

    Isn’t that the same pose as Sasquatch?

  31. Fartblossum

    She needs to stop with the fake tanning. Cheeto-orange skin with brown freckles is not working well for her.

  32. dennisdamenace

    Hope they lock her up and throw away the key.

  33. Unbelievable. Well, believable in terms of her doing something stupid like this, unbelievable that I gave her the benefit of the doubt when she was in rehab. I’m sorry God, I was just trying to be more like Jeebus …


  34. i’m waiting for the” Free Lindsay” t-shirts to come out.

  35. Jovy

    Aaaand she’s still alive because…..?

  36. of course

    “Lindsay Lohan Stole Jewelry”


  37. Raaaaaaaaaaaalph.

  38. You gotta’ admit, though, she looks pretty good for a woman in her late 30′s. Wait…what? No.

  39. What’s the deal with her face?
    Is it physically possible to snort botox?

  40. Matthew

    waiting for Party Mom Dina’s excuess in 3,2,1

  41. Farmer Bob

    Impaling that thar purty ass makin her squeal like a pig ya buddy

  42. Lindsay Lohan
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like Nicole Richie after an all night bender.

  43. anonym

    she’s starting to look a lot like her mom.

    you know she’s dead broke when she’s stealing $2500 necklaces to sell at the pawn shop

  44. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey grandma !

  45. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Myyyy preciousss….

  46. Stella

    Lindsey Lohan stole a man’s hand again. It happened to be holding a $2,500 necklace but it was the hand that she wanted.

  47. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Here’s your new anti drug campaign kids……holy shit!!!!

  48. Further proof that the Ginger Duck species never ages gracefully….

  49. dead peter

    Exactly how far does she plan to take this homage to Dana Plato?

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