Lindsay Lohan Caused The Accident? Get Out

When Lindsay Lohan crashed into a tractor-trailer while behind the wheel of a Porsche she wasn’t supposed to be driving, she first blamed her assistant by lying to the police and claiming he was driving, and then blamed the tractor-trailer for cutting him/her off. So of course the truth turned out to be she was speeding and caused the whole thing herself. RadarOnline reports:

A source close to the situation tells us, “The investigation is almost complete, and Lindsay was speeding in the moments before the accident. She was probably going ten miles over the posted speed limit, which would have been around fifty miles per hour. There were no skid marks, which indicate that Lindsay was indeed speeding and didn’t have time to even hit the brakes before she crashed into the truck. Lindsay is truly lucky to be alive, and that no one else got seriously injured. Lindsay could be cited by the Santa Monica Police Department for causing the accident, but it doesn’t seem very likely. The police report and investigation findings will be turned over to Lindsay and the trucker, James Johnson’s respective insurance companies. Lindsay’s Porsche was totaled in the accident and was a complete loss.”

“Yes, we could cite her and get her off the road, but frankly, we fucking hate all of you and hope she drives up over your face.” – Shorter Santa Monica Police Department

Photos: Splash News