Lindsay Lohan Tried To Count Her Acting As Community Service

Lindsay Lohan is already in some shit over the “community service” she supposedly completed in London, and now prosecutors have discovered she was given credit for her time on stage in Speed-the-Plow which I believe several theater critics would agree was not – *sips tea with pinky up* – a service to the community. A hmm hmm hmm hmm. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan and her community service organization are trying to bamboozle the judge into giving her credit for time she spent performing onstage … we’ve learned that’s exactly what the prosecutor will say in court today as he argues she’s violated her probation.
Law enforcement sources tell us … prosecutor Terry White has combed through the 240 hours at CSV — the London-based community service organization. White will tell the judge … on one day Lindsay got 6 hours credit, but he says 2 of the hours were for her matinee performance and another 2 were for her evening performance. The remaining 2 were for a meet-and-greet afterwards.

Also not going over well? The $10,000 donation she somehow talked Esurance into giving CSV:

We’re told White also scoffs at credit Lindsay received for throwing a fundraiser for CSV, arguing community service is supposed to be for the community and not the organization. And White is concerned about the story we broke — that Lindsay lobbied Esurance to donate $10K to CSV — saying it creates a conflict for CSV which is supposed to scrutinize Lindsay and not become beholden to her.
White believes there are enough irregularities to call all 240 hours into question.

And while it’s been fun imagining Lindsay Lohan going to jail, keep in mind this is the same court system that has let her off the hook time and time again, so she could’ve turned in a dead baby stapled to a bag of coke and still wouldn’t see the inside of the cell. She’d probably get a lollipop for her stapling technique, and no, that wasn’t a blowjob joke. I think. Do judges like hookers?

Photos: Splash News