Lindsay Lohan Begged Soderbergh To Deny Saying He Won’t Work With Her

Last week it was revealed that Lindsay Lohan was campaigning hard to land a role in Steven Soderbergh’s stripper opus Magic Mike, only to be passed over because she fell out of Dina Lohan’s vagina along with all the trappings that come with that. Since then, her people (Again, Dina.) have been frantically trying to get Soderbergh to deny the inside source’s claims. It didn’t work. E! News reports:

“Her people called up, begging Steven to say it wasn’t true,” says a source thisclose to SS. “He said no.”
He said no to that request because it is true, of course.
In fact, we hear that Linds was S.S.’s top pick to play the part (he thought she’d be perfect for it), but after approaching the party gal (and her peeps, too) about a potential big screen comeback role, decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble.

STEVEN: So, Lindsay, if you can set aside the bullshit for just one movie, this could be your big comeback.
DINA: She wants top billing!
STEVEN: We’re not gonna do that.
DINA: Her face on the DVD cover!
STEVEN: Or that.
DINA: A bathtub full of gin! But right now, these meetings make me sweat.
STEVEN: We’re done here.
DINA: Wait, wait, we can work something out here. (Lindsay, offeray to ucksay his ickday.)
LINDSAY: But, mom, that would take work and effort. Gawd…

Photo: Splash News