Lindsay Lohan Skipped ‘The Canyons’ Premiere

August 7th, 2013 // 22 Comments
Of Course They Were
Lindsay Lohan Topless Nude The Canyons
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As of right now, The Canyons is the only (straight-to-video) movie Lindsay Lohan‘s been in since (the Lifetime original) Liz & Dick, so naturally she didn’t even bother to show up to last night’s premiere as a courtesy to director Paul Schrader who not only took a giant gamble on her, but put up with her bullshit during the whole production. Adam Carolla‘s evil twin showed up, and he’s not even in the movie which makes this even more ridiculous. So now, on top of the general fact that she’s Lindsay Lohan, everyone who works in Hollywood knows she’s added bailing on premieres to her horseshit souffle. It’s not like she does something awesome to make up for tha- blowjobs. I’m forgetting blowjobs. Never mind!

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  1. Tenille Houston Cleavage The Canyons Premiere
    le rat accompli
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s such a shame. A major acting career realizing there’s no need to attend the opening of her latest bomb…

    Oh Rhett! Where have the Disney days gone?

  2. Rico Jones

    I can goof on her for many things but skipping this premiere is not one of them.

  3. benny15

    Stop being so damn lazy and do a little research Fish.

    The reason she wasn’t there was that the producers told her it was best she not show up.

    *SMH* You’re not related to Britney by any chance are you?

    • From Variety:

      “Lohan was able to address disappointed spectators though a text message read aloud by producer Braxton Pope before the screening. “I just want to thank everyone for believing in me and this film and for your support. Please make sure Paul does not get naked again,” Lohan said via text….”

      ““Lindsay lives in a world of crisis,” Pope said after reading the text. “I know she wanted to come but I guess the drama wasn’t sufficient.”

    • Why, so all the focus could be on … Tenilee Houston? Uh, who? I don’t know on what frequency your “information” is being channeled to you, but I’d suggest you change your tinfoil hat pronto.

      The only thing The Canyons has going for it is Lohan’s appearance in it – but all her post-rehab PR has been all about her, and nothing whatsoever about the movie. And although the film’s a POS, it’s the only legit movie role she’s had in three years, so her no-show neither benefits her, nor the producers. She was still in rehab and missed the NY premiere, and sent Dina in her place – so really, aside from asking Bruce Willis to fill in for her, nothing could have been more detrimental for the production than that.

      Lohan got deservedly trashed for her horrible appearance at her last red carpet premiere, so the odds are that she decided to blow this one off all on her own, and not at anyone’s “request”. Some things never change.

  4. Since the after-party of the Premier in LA would most likely entail a lot of free liquor at the open bars, and a lot of coke in the restrooms, LiLo not attending could be a sign that she might be taking this whole sober thing seriously from a business standpoint.

    She’s got a two million dollar six month deal resting on the idea that she can stay sober at least for a while. I don’t think that she’s so stupid as to flush $2,000,000 when she’s close to broke.

    I think she’s close to that stupid, but not quite there.

    • JC

      Alternatively, she had a big pile of coke at home, so she didn’t need to go out. And Dina was stopping by later that night with a 55-gallon drum full of vodka.

      • Nah, Ophra’s not going to be taken by these small time grifters.

        I’m sure that while signing the contracts with OWN after rehab, there was the explanation that the “Docu-series” was to be about Lyndsay’s struggles with staying sober/straight, and that if she started using right off the bat there would be no series, and no paycheck.

        I am also quite sure that a weekly “pee in a cup”, and a clip of hair drug test was written into the contract eliminating the ability for the People Magazine story next June about how Lindsay scammed Ophra and the audience.

  5. Tenille Houston Cleavage James Deen The Canyons Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    “So James…did you have to buy a new rug?”

  6. Tenille Houston Cleavage The Canyons Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Why can’t our secretaries look/dress like this?

    Answer: Because my company hired one that looked like this in 2001 and there were 2-4 men at the front desk literally at any point during the day.

  7. I think she tried to get there but the white lines on the road went off in another direction and she didn’t figure out that is wasn’t free road coke until it was to late.

  8. I know that The Canyons is available on VOD (Video-on-Demand) because that’s how independent movie distribution works now what with fewer arthouse cinemas around the country, but when a movie also runs in theaters at the same time, as this one is in New York, L.A., and I think a few other major cities around the country, I don’t think you can call it a “straight-to-video movie.” Strictly speaking.

  9. Knox

    Did Labor Pains have a theatrical release? I thought that was her first straight-to-video movie.

  10. jay

    i don’t know what people are against her not showing up to this peice of crap film.This is supposedly supposed to be shraders rebound vehicle .This was the best he could do ? haha what a loser .The fact that she even said yes to this garbage shows her character.

  11. Tenille Houston Cleavage The Canyons Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Damn! Where has she been hiding?

  12. Ian

    And if Lindsay had attended the Premiere in LA, tabloids would have attacked her for going straight back to partying and enjoying the open bar and blah blah blah.

    Either way, tabloid would have found a way to put a negative spin on the story. No matter what Lindsay chose to do.

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