Lindsay Lohan Skipped ‘The Canyons’ Premiere

As of right now, The Canyons is the only (straight-to-video) movie Lindsay Lohan’s been in since (the Lifetime original) Liz & Dick, so naturally she didn’t even bother to show up to last night’s premiere as a courtesy to director Paul Schrader who not only took a giant gamble on her, but put up with her bullshit during the whole production. Adam Carolla’s evil twin showed up, and he’s not even in the movie which makes this even more ridiculous. So now, on top of the general fact that she’s Lindsay Lohan, everyone who works in Hollywood knows she’s added bailing on premieres to her horseshit souffle. It’s not like she does something awesome to make up for tha- blowjobs. I’m forgetting blowjobs. Never mind!

Photos: Getty, WENN