Lindsay Lohan Shows Up Late To ‘Scary Movie 5′ Premiere, Immediately Makes Up For It

“Mr. Sheen, you’ve been standing there for an hour.”

Because attempting to bail on her cameo wasn’t enough, Lindsay Lohan showed up late to the Scary Movie 5 premiere last night after producers repeatedly warned her to be on time like that would actually do something. More importantly, Radar Online reports she’s really starting to piss off Charlie Sheen which probably explains why she let him fondle her breasts on the red carpet last night. Except I’m joking because that would require self-awareness and a spirit of generosity. This is just one of those times when sexual assault is really, really funny. Even the writers at Jezebel are going, “Dammit, he’s right.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, Splash News, WENN