Lindsay Lohan Shot Down by True Blood

Lindsay Lohan has been openly campaigning for a guest role on HBO’s True Blood, but it looks like producers are “driving a stake” through her dreams. *puts gun in mouth* E! News reports:

“Not in the forseeable future,” Ryan Kwanten told E! last night at Sony Playstation’s Move Lounge when asked whether Linds could be a guest star.
Ouch! Just last night, LL was counting down to the season three premiere on her Twitter and even celebrating with a True Blood themed ice cream cake.

In all honesty, I actually think Lindsay would be a perfect fit for the show. Whenever she looks in a mirror, she doesn’t see a career! BA-DOOM-SHA! Ah, man, these vampire jokes are “draining the life out of me.” AHAHAHAHA!

(I’ll be in the shower scrubbing myself with a Brillo pad if anyone needs me.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News