Lindsay Lohan Had A Miraculous Recovery And Feels Like Acting In ‘Scary Movie 5′ Now

Yesterday, word got out that Lindsay Lohan tried to bail on Scary Movie 5 after she read the script which apparently makes her look like, well, Lindsay Lohan. Except it appears her walking pneumonia magically went away because here she is on set yesterday, but not before a Taco Bell run because that’s something people getting over pneumonia eat. “Does shitting yourself to death keep you hydrated? Because I’ll have a #8.”

Also just for fun, I added the Dr. Phil promo where a visibly drunk off her face Dina Lohan tries to explain how her kids wouldn’t have been better off being raised by wolves that shoot polio out of their eyes.


h/t Lainey Gossip who has a nice rundown of this shit show.

Photos: Pacific Coast News