Lindsay Lohan Was Concerned With Samantha Ronson’s Drinking, Those Words Just Happened

August 2nd, 2011 // 70 Comments

Seen here smirking for her DUI mugshot as most celebrities do in California after a fun-filled hour of handling guns and working the sirens, Samantha Ronson reportedly has a drinking problem if you believe the sources in this story which you shouldn’t as I’ll explain later. TMZ reports:

We’re told … in the past couple of months, Ronson has been hitting the nightclubs A LOT harder than she used to — and for more than just work — staying out longer hours … and boozing more than ever.
Sources connected to Sam tell us … even her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan felt things were getting bad with Sam … and she decided to minimize her contact with the DJ because she felt Sam wouldn’t be a positive influence.

“And did I mention she’s a lesbian?” Dina Lohan said into the pay phone. “Because she’s a lesbian. A lesbian who bites people and turns them into other lesbians, so the movie studios won’t hire them anymore making it all her fault because she, uh, she feeds off their failure. Yeah, write that stuff.”

Photos: Splash News


  1. nush

    sam ronson is hot

  2. Itzel

    the minute I met Chris and Lindsay at their engnmegeat session in downtown Annapolis last winter, I was excitedly awaiting their wedding day! The pair met at Iowa

  3. Maya

    WOW. Anda, this is one of my favorite wedgnids of yours. The unique angles, artistic takes on what other photogs may have just made a typical shot, the emotion seriously gorgeous!

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