Of Course Lindsay Lohan Cut Up A Borrowed Dress, What Else Was She Supposed To Do With It?

February 21st, 2013 // 41 Comments

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Lindsay Lohan is a crazy ginger-cunt. Us Weekly reports:

Lindsay Lohan wore a gorgeous, beaded, floor-sweeping gown by Theia to an amFAR event on Feb. 6 in NYC, but by the time she returned it, the dress was half its original length.
“She said that the dress had ripped [at a club after the fundraiser] — she couldn’t possibly wear it like that — so her stylist friend went to the club bouncer and requested some scissors to repair the torn part of the dress,” a source tells Us Weekly. “But what bouncer has scissors?”
“She turned it into a mullet! Only a fashiony person would do that! ” the source continues. “She’s out of control and behaving really badly.”
The dress in question is actually the same one that fellow troubled star Charlie Sheen finagled for the 26-year-old actress.

Oh, wait, it was only Charlie Sheen‘s money she was fucking around with. In that case, what’s the big deal? Is she supposed to be extra responsible just because a friend bailed her out? That’s how communism started.

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  1. logan

    Class, pure class!

  2. “Only a fashiony person would do that!”

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      I thought the exact same thing.
      If it were indeed a word, I would presume it to be a compliment

  3. Colin

    I feel no sympathy for Charlie Sheen, though, because A) he’s Charlie Sheen and therefore filthy rich despite being batshit insane, and B) if you decide to trust that Lindsay Lohan won’t somehow fuck everything up, that’s your problem.

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      C.} But he did kick ASS in “Major League”!!!

      “What me to take him outside? Kick the shit out of him?”

  4. Because what A-list party goer wouldn’t wish to see MORE of her splotchy, bruised, pastie-ass-white, toneless stems?

  5. karlito

    i guess she knew that if she left the party to go change they would have never let her back in…besides the dress was free so why would she give a shit.

  6. chicka

    “I’m famous, I can do whatever I want.”

    How’s that working out, Hohan?

  7. Fish, do you have the obit written already?

    • The worst part is, you know there will be some sort of sappy memorial/tribute when she finally kicks the proverbial bucket.

      Which in her case would likely be filled with coke vomit.

  8. El Jefe

    Considering half the garbage out there that is called high fashion, who is to say what she did was bad? If Gauthier or some other fashion idiot did the same thing people would be fawning all over it and calling them geniuses.

    *This is by no means a statement proclaiming that Lindsay Lohan is not an idiot, she still is.

  9. Lindsay Lohan Clevage Mohammed Al Turki amfAR New York Gala
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s my look when my GF states ,”You are going to Les Misérables no question.”
    Quiet ,dignified defeatism ,pussyfied……..

  10. Lindsay Lohan Clevage amfAR New York Gala
    Commented on this photo:


  11. Dina Lohan

    The world rightfully revolves around precious lindsay.

  12. Maybe somebody could lend her Anne Hathaway’s see-through hat.

  13. Is it possible to be ostracized from all of humankind?

  14. When will people learn to not give this woman anything without some kind of way to recoup your losses when she inevitably destroys it?

    Her blowjobs must be spectacular given the shit it allows her to get away with.

  15. anonym


    she keeps burning the few bridges she has left.

    Who the fuck would be sane enough to let her borrow anything now?

  16. Lindsay Lohan Clevage amfAR New York Gala
    Mama Pinkus
    Commented on this photo:

    can someone who cares PLEASE intervene with gal – she is still so young; doesn’t she have ANYONE WHO CARES?

    • Uuuuuhhhh, nobody gives a fuck….. well except for those that have crackhan in their deadpool……

    • Keep in mind that this is the girl who jumped the fence at the Betty Ford Clinic so she could get her weekend drinking done.

      You can’t force a Drunk/Druggie to get better when they don’t think they have a problem.

      • Rissa

        Oh, she knows she has a problem, she just doesn’t give a fuck. She’s busy looking for parties where they’ll have coke, crack, meth, or opana and someone to buy it for her. Trust me on this, because my brother loaned her $200 a few months ago to get her hair done, guess what? Next day no haircut no money. She had never stole from him before but I wasn’t suprised and neither was he. She’ll ened up in jail/prison soon and hopefully become a better woman.

      • The Canyons

        Really. Why did he lend her money, and I can’t believe she has to borrow $200!

    • Sorry, too busy caring about the ones with genuine talent who actually want to get better.

      Act like an ungrateful cunt and you’ll be treated like one.

  17. kery

    lindsay does what she wants because she feels like a superstar but that’s not true.;P

  18. Lindsay Lohan Clevage amfAR New York Gala
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    Good lord, this girl is such a mess. It’s unbelievable that she looks like this!

  19. Lindsay Lohan Clevage amfAR New York Gala
    Commented on this photo:

    My mom always said, “if you don’t have anything nice to say”…..

  20. This is the exploitation: Paparazi media pretends shock and outrage about allegedly unacceptable behaviour to attract readers to easier sell advertising for their shock rag or cyber shock rag. Describing a woman with a word that rhymes with hunt, is NCAA. And ranks with using the n-word to talk about a specific African-American. Yes, she should clean up her act, but not because of other people, but for her own health and career

  21. Lindsay Lohan Clevage amfAR New York Gala
    Commented on this photo:

    You people are hopeless.

  22. Lindsay looks sexy wearing this very pretty dress. I liked how she ruined this lovely dress afterwards.

  23. Lindsay Lohan Clevage amfAR New York Gala
    Commented on this photo:

    Put her newest face on a dinner plate and place in the chest freezer. Wait for an hour and the Hot mess will be ready to go.

  24. Lindsay Lohan Clevage amfAR New York Gala
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    @jack ketch- your hammer comment made me lol!! I think you are correct on the grooming hammer. She also must be using a hammer to apply the bondo body filler/face makeup every few minutes.

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