Lindsay Lohan Replaced on Linda Lovelace Flick

Seen here conveniently holding a script in Hollywood yesterday, up and coming (Puns!) actress Sarah Scott is rumored to be replacing Lindsay Lohan in the only remotely viable career option she had left: The Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno. Via The Fab Life:

Filming was supposed to begin in August, but a 90-day rehab stint would certainly make that hard. Word is the Lindsay will be replaced by Sarah Scott who is rumored to have met with the film’s producers yesterday. …. In most of her previous roles and headshots Scott has had blonde hair, but yesterday she was seen with a red dye job which matches Lovelace – and old Lindsay – more closely.

It says something about Lindsay when she’s no longer bankable in a small independent film where she portrays a burnt out porn star with an almost preternatural skill for sucking “a footlong cock.” (Actual quote.) Seriously, what could possibly go wrong? It’d literally be the easiest shoot of these people’s lives. Just follow her around with a camera for two hours, can it, send it to the studio. BAM! Now who wants to make a movie about Gollum trying to Twitter but he’s mistaken a homeless man’s hat for his phone? These things are practically writing themselves.

Photos: Splash News