Lindsay Lohan Replaced on Linda Lovelace Flick

July 30th, 2010 // 78 Comments

Seen here conveniently holding a script in Hollywood yesterday, up and coming (Puns!) actress Sarah Scott is rumored to be replacing Lindsay Lohan in the only remotely viable career option she had left: The Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno. Via The Fab Life:

Filming was supposed to begin in August, but a 90-day rehab stint would certainly make that hard. Word is the Lindsay will be replaced by Sarah Scott who is rumored to have met with the film’s producers yesterday. …. In most of her previous roles and headshots Scott has had blonde hair, but yesterday she was seen with a red dye job which matches Lovelace – and old Lindsay – more closely.

It says something about Lindsay when she’s no longer bankable in a small independent film where she portrays a burnt out porn star with an almost preternatural skill for sucking “a footlong cock.” (Actual quote.) Seriously, what could possibly go wrong? It’d literally be the easiest shoot of these people’s lives. Just follow her around with a camera for two hours, can it, send it to the studio. BAM! Now who wants to make a movie about Gollum trying to Twitter but he’s mistaken a homeless man’s hat for his phone? These things are practically writing themselves.

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  1. Faust, scheißeköpfe!

    So yeah that’s 2 weeks with Erin now. Can we get one with Jillian next week, for the straight guys who voted. No offense to Erin who’s probably a nice person. But be that as it may..

  2. Matthew

    I guess the director has seen the lite

  3. i think this is good luck in lindsay’s case. playing someone fucked up who’s fame came from deep throating guys and then having sex with a dog probly hits too close to home. lindsay needs to clean up then do an edgy scorsese type movie. or remake mary poppins.

  4. JRS22

    Well, Lohan’s chances of OD’ing on coke just increased.

  5. The "Actually" Guy

    “replacing Lindsay Lohan in the only remotely viable career option she had left”

    Actually, Lindsay’s remaining career option was described in the previous story.

  6. nerd

    She was replaced by an arachnoid alien with a bad dye job?

  7. Taz

    Lets get some nudes of this fire bird.

  8. Harrison

    Who cares. Only stupids are going to see this movie when you can rent the original, and the real Yolanda has given many interviews in the past. This movie will be lucky luck to break-even.

  9. HackSaw

    I’d hit em both.

  10. Ryan

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! This means we aren’t going to get to see Lindsay Lohan full frontal nudity.

  11. Sarah Scott
    Commented on this photo:


  12. Sarah Scott
    Commented on this photo:

    Super hot! Can’t wait to see those breasts!

  13. J

    If it makes Lindsay go away and stop getting publicity, it’s good.

    If it saves her career, and we have to keep hearing about her, it’s bad.

  14. Sarah Scott
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s so cute

  15. grobpilot

    I wonder how badly Dina will be disappointed that her daughter was dropped from a cocksucking movie?

  16. Sarah Scott
    Commented on this photo:

    hahahahahahahahahahh ahh aahhha ha ha ha

  17. Sarah Scott
    Commented on this photo:

    oh at lindsay….hahahhaaaaaa!!

  18. I seriously wanted to see her bent over taking it (simulated..or not, who knows). But you know if she did the movie the media would be all over it like white on rice when she OD’d with the whole “Linda Lovelace curse” crap so maybe it was better off after all. Who is this chick anyway? The only way that film had a shot was with LL in it.

  19. Yeah

    Cool, this girl’s cute.

  20. Nate

    Thank god! Best thing that could happen to her and her future career.

  21. Herman the Kid

    Well. . . look on the bright side. We can always look forward the art show featuring Lindsay’s jail art. A movie where she chugs a footer might actually hamper her art career. She’s very creative, you know?

  22. oooaaahhh

    Lindsay Lohan for Linda Lovelace (LL for LL). Now it’s Sarah Scott for Linda Lovelace (SS for LL).

  23. Sarah Scott
    Dirty Sanchiz
    Commented on this photo:

    I would ATM her no problem.

  24. Francis Bacon

    this chick looks nothing like linda lovelace at all..

  25. Sean

    I have been saying this for months….they were just using Lindsay as publicity. And she was dumb and stoned enough to fall for it.

  26. stupidass

    well, she looks like she can suck a dick. i’ll allow it.

  27. Bunny Foofoo

    wow, my day gets better and better. seeing a celeb deservedly getting a boot to the head is a thing of rare beauty

  28. LittleCupcakes

    My goodness, she is super-cute!

  29. joho777

    As predicted, the director/producers of “Inferno” decided to go with an actress instead of a trainwreck.

    And a pretty one, also for a change!

  30. Juice in LA

    I love how this no-name twit seems irritated that her photo is being taken-what a ingrate. I almost prefer Bloho to Smuggy Misst Smuggypants.

  31. jon and kate plus haiti

    Is this girl too cute to be a cum guzzling whore? I mean the script reads like this


    I think firecrotch’s inflections were probably more realistic. This girl seems to cute to swallow

  32. Sarah Scott
    Commented on this photo:

    Personally, this chick is a much better choice. At least we don’t have to see freckle monster naked. Uggg.

    Lohan’s time is past, this is our time now…

  33. Sarah Scott
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d rather have seen Lohan naked. At least she has bigger tits than this nobody.

  34. LJ

    If she got dumped from this movie, it might actually save her career.

    This indie sounds like it could rise to the level of “Showgirls”, and we all know how that boosted the career of Elizabeth Barkley.

    “Inferno” will probably kill the career of whoever winds up in the title role.

  35. Damn it…I really wanted to see Lohan getting railed…

    Oh well, maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll do a real porn…you know, now that she has no career whatsoever anymore.

  36. Sarah Scott
    Jeremy Francor
    Commented on this photo:

    Lindsay is too good for this film. It is not what she needs for a good comback. Ugh. So glad she isn’t doing it…if this is true, anyway. I so hope it is. She needs to work her ass off to secure her role in The Dry Gulch Kid, blow smoke up Tarantino’s ass, and get back on the A-List where she belongs.

  37. August Teen

    I pray to Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Shiva that this is true. How classic: Lohan’s one remaining crapass gig and she messes it up by being useless.

  38. Sarah Scott
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    I’m a bit disappointed. This gal is very pretty, but Lindsay has much nicer tits. I had a feeling this was going to happen. Drat!

  39. isd503

    I think when you’re down, most people tend to pile it on…heaping shovelfuls of sh*t. She just keeps trudging forward, doesn’t know which way to go, but she refuses to just lay down and surrender. You gotta love it.

    Lindsay, don’t let this get you down! You are a beautiful and talented woman. The pics of you for this flick rock! Those eyes are captivating, not to mention the rest of your body! People want to see you succeed, but if you jump, they’ll watch you all the way till you hit the ground. Then they’ll say, “Oh, look what happened. That’s too bad, but I knew that was coming”.

    If you don’t get it together, we’re going to be reading your obituary soon. The people around you are killing you. Make a change, do it today.

    • londonafter

      She can’t read your comment, she’s in jail.
      Anyways, I think it’s best for her to dissapear from the spotlight, for her and for the rest of the world. She had potential when she was younger, but she hasn’t done anything worth watching since freaky friday.

  40. Sarah Scott
    Commented on this photo:

    Yay for red headed, blue eyed, super white chicks! Way to represent! (Yeah I know she’s not a real red head but she looks like she could have been!)

  41. herbiefrog

    coincideces [sp?] almost never happen…

    the rain in psaaain ?

  42. Oompa Loompa HQ

    Our princess is released from that dreadful contract. Hip hip, hooray!
    Soon she’ll be freed from her confinement. How we wish we could be there with her now, looking sharp in that orange jumpsuit.

  43. Sarah Scott
    Count Von Stickyteeth
    Commented on this photo:

    Speaking of herbie fully loaded. we’ve been planning a sequel / reality film in the vain of vanishing point. Following lindsay lohan as she drives herbie from one side of the country to the other in some insanely short amount of time all in the name of going straight and getting her shit together – focussing on all the drug withdrawl, car/human sexual tension, and being chased by paparazzi, police, fans and people she owes money to.

    I think she’s a wonderful actress who doesn’t seem to do it any more, and a beautiful woman (her tits in herbie – wow – even with the disney induced reduction), and i’ve alway had a thing for red heads and frekkles. this girl doesn’t hold a cock compared to lindsay.

  44. nono

    She does then i’m gay batterie cause she’s hot as fuck.

  45. Bill Lee

    This movie will never be made. It’s such a crock. They don’t have the financing so they float Lindsay to possible money people and it fails. Now they float that they are replacing her to get more publicity to say to potential investors, “see we are in the news again!” Sad state of the movie business. 5 years ago that movie would have been made in a minute because you all would be slow motioning it on the tivo when it hit HBO. Now there’s so much real porn, no one tunes into fake porn anymore!

  46. Sarah Scott
    Commented on this photo:

    I dont know this chick or seen her act but she’s too skinny and off the cuff Id rather see Lohan in the film.

  47. Sarah Scott
    Commented on this photo:

    This chick is 45 times hotter than Hohan.

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