Lindsay Lohan Rejects Plea Deal

Well, it’s the third Wednesday of the month which means Lindsay Lohan and her breasts sashayed into court for something or other. This time around, she’s rejecting a plea deal in her necklace theft case after the judge made it clear she will do jail time. However, TMZ believes Lindsay will ultimately accept the deal because she’s going to jail anyway which is probably the most hilarious and ridiculous assumption I’ve ever heard in my life. They might as well have said Batman will testify:

The judge ruled Lindsay’s preliminary hearing and probation violation case will be heard at the same time. At the end of the preliminary hearing, if the judge feels it’s more likely than not that she stole the necklace, Lindsay will be thrown in jail immediately while she awaits trial on the grand theft case.
So even if Lindsay is ultimately found not guilty at trial, she’ll still be in jail for the probation violation.
Short story … it’s likely Holley will plead guilty or no contest on behalf of her client, and then hope the judge gives Lindsay less than 6 months.

OR.. OR.. Lindsay actually will go to trial and use the mountains of reasonable doubt to completely duck this thing, once again thwarting the district attorney who’s probably ordering rocket skates and a cannon from ACME as we speak. But, nah, let’s assume it’s the jail thing. That always seems to pan out.

Photos: Getty, Splash News