Lindsay Lohan’s A Ginger Again

March 9th, 2012 // 95 Comments

Last week Lindsay Lohan appeared on TODAY where they thought it’d be a great idea to show old footage of her in 2006 when she was a young hot redhead with an immune system that was only halfway to being destroyed by her mother pumping her full of gin for breakfast because they’re “like sisters!” From there, comparison shots popped up all over the Internet, so of course, Lindsay reverted back to her ginger roots because everyone knows hair dye magically makes your face not look like a search party found you floating face down in a pool of dick and blow. It’s practically witchcraft.

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  1. blueberry

    if I dye my hair red, will I suddenly look 4 years younger? making me literally a fetus. I am 4.

    • Randal

      Lindsay, this is the best choice for your hair colour. Although, I did think the black looked great on you too. Drop the blonde and don’t bring it back, unless perhaps you add some highlights and streaks into your new colour. I’d really like that too.


  2. She always looked prettier with her natural color. The bleached blonde thing just made her look trashy…and strangely her behavior sort of followed suit.

    • karlito

      i agree, her “blonde” look was awful. she never looked good with blond hair especially with that rats nest of extensions. i love “gingers” and she always looked prettier with her red hair.

    • EricLr

      Yes, it was her hair that made her trashy.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I agree, she should NEVER be a blonde. I actually like her as a brunette too. But nothing changes the fact that she completely fucked up her face,.

      • Shasta

        Agree as well. The old hair was bleached to the point that it was almost transluscent. She looks a thousand times better like this.

  3. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
    Commented on this photo:

    marginally better, but still hiding the puffy face with those big glasses

  4. suck it

    I think she finally smartened up a it. People loved her (ok, I’m using that term loosely) when she was still a redhead. She is trying to salvage her career and get back to when she wasn’t a total joke.

  5. Richard McBeef

    When I was in third grade, a Pippi Longstockings ginger girl on school bus forcibly thrust her tongue in my mouth. Then she disappears from school for a week with chicken pox. My spots appeared about the same time she came back*

    The point is even in third grade, gingers are disease spreading sluts.

    *true story

  6. EricLr

    At this points her roots are begging for the sweet release of death.

  7. God is Black

    So the carpet matches the drapes now?

  8. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
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    Maybe now i can start masturbating to her again….

  9. pretty vacant

    obviously she overheard terry richardson say his favorite color is red.

  10. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
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    Even though she’s a complete mental case, she always looked best with her ginger hair. Even the brunette look suited her better than the blonde. Doesn’t look right on her skin.

  11. AteIsEnough

    BLONDE equaled SKANK. Oddly enough, RED still equals SKANK.

  12. She looks a thousand times better. Nobody looks good in white bleachy hair. She must have been reading the Superficial.

  13. Phil

    Yes I agree with the commenters here, this new improved Lindsay Lohan is much better than the old she has left far behind. I’m glad we all agree that this new improved Lindsay Lohan is worth investing in. The new Lindsay Lohan is primed to make box office gold, she is box office gold.
    Make no mistake this new and improved Lindsay Lohan is the hottest thing Hollywood has ever seen. She’s taking the world by storm, look out below.

    • EricLr

      The preceding message has been brought to you by the deluded mind of Lindsay Lohan as she does her third line of coke.

    • how’s tricks, dina?

    • BE

      Well Phil, maybe some of us are just hoping Lindsay Lohan is getting her act together. Unlike the KKlan and the Paris Hilton’s of such fame, Lindsay actually has acting talent.

      That horrible blond look she was sporting brought her judgement into question just a tad. I mean who’d hire her for a movie (other than porn) looking like that?

      Aside from the fact that it truly didn’t suit her, I’ve come to associate exactly that look with: Paris, Kendra, Holly, Coco and any of Hef’s whores. Even Kim Kardashian has enough smarts not to blonde.

  14. LJ

    It’s nice to see that Lindsay has chosen to no longer look like a cheap whore. Her new appearance would demand the higher fees of a high price escort.

  15. Did anyone say Julianne Moore?
    (without talent)

  16. Cher X

    You know, gingers are blessed with that great color. They need to stay that way, but they always bleach it into oblivion and it makes them look haggard and fugly. Lindsay, Laura Prepon and Sara Rue I’m looking at you…..

  17. Buddy the Elf

    No hair color can change that Debi Harry face.

    • LJ

      You know, I hadn’t though about it, but I wonder how much the Debbie Harry story influenced the trip to the hair dresser.

      • Felonious Monkey

        I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what prompted the return to ginger. What 25 year old wants to be compared to a 66 year old, no matter how much of a legend she is?!

  18. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks MUCH better. Not as harsh as that awful blonde. Hope she keeps it this way.

  19. alex

    Okay folks, I’m convinced that she’s “better” because she has red hair now. For real. She looks great again. Train-wreck no more.

    • Anonymous

      LOL– she’s just trying to Jedi Mind trick gullable casting agents. She still has the same destructive and addictive personality regardless of hair color or what she is wearing.

  20. ashley

    +100% instantly. Long. Time. Coming. Seriously, what took so long to realize?

  21. dani

    Great. Next step: face transplant.

  22. El Jefe

    She finally listened to people, thank god. She looks a million times better.

    • Trek Girl

      She really does look better.
      Now, hopefully, she’ll stop using fillers or whatever the heck she’s putting in her face, and let it go back to the way it was. I really think that, generally, people want Lindsay to get rid of the moochers and users, be the talented actress that she is, and make a come-back. It’s definitely not too late for a turn-around – I think she can do it.

  23. steve canyon

    you mean ofcourse: GIN without the TONIC?

  24. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
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    Ive been waiting for her hair change for a while! Ginger is def the best color for her !!!

  25. Do_Freebird

    This is red? It looks more Orange to me than anything else. I guess this is the best you can do after you strip everything out of hair until it has the basic consistency of straw.

  26. Escada82

    I think she looks a lot better now. On another note, I had a very strange dream where I was friends with Lindsay Lohan and she was shooting heroin every five minutes. Oh and Kim and Rob Kardashian snuck away to get coked out. This website is permeating my dreeeeeeeeeeams!

  27. Bianca

    She looks way better. I think she would look even better with a deeper red, but it’s a start. She needs to stay off the drugs and hopefully the face bloat will go away.

  28. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
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    It’s the best she looked in ages. Even better would be if she let her natural red grow back in. She’s a pretty redhead. Why try to be a pretty anything else?

  29. Nicole

    YES YES YES YES YES!!!! Beautiful Lindsay!!! She looks amazing – younger – fresher – more alive!

  30. Bob

    I don’t know if there was a direct connection, but when LL started dying her hair blonde and brown, that’s when she started to fall apart. She got progressively less attractive, her talent went out the window, and her drinking and drugging went from the standard celebrity amount to out of control.
    It’s a desperate attempt to regain her youth during her midlife crisis (at the precocious age of 25). If only it would work.

    • Jillia

      They said the same thing about Britney. When she dyes her hair black/brown, you know a breakdown is not far away. It was sort of her “dark side.”

  31. Dani

    Never thought I’d say this but, I agree .. She does look a bit better.

  32. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
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    Yay! Juicy ginge again. Fap, fap,fap…

  33. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
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    It really does make a huge difference. That peroxide blond was horrible.

  34. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
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    looking better

    now stop doing drugs

  35. Okaywhat

    she looks better

  36. Okaywhat

    Emma Stone is gonna be pissed

    • CranAppleSnapple

      She’s not a patch on Emma Stone.

      • IhateAriespeople

        she hotter than emma bug eye stone. If lindsay didnt become a crackwhore no one would have even paid attention to emma stone. emma just filled a spot lindsay left. Now lindsay is back and she will get back her spot and finally get her much deserved oscar

      • CranAppleSnapple


  37. CranAppleSnapple

    It’s too brassy, but it is better than it was. I hope she goes deeper red.

  38. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
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    The ging looks better than the trashy platinum-blonde, but her face still screams, “DERP!”

  39. The Listener

    The blonde hair never worked, no matter what shade she went. Red always looked the best on her.

  40. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
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    all of the above

  41. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
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    now if she can just learn to coordinate her clothes.

  42. Burt

    Now, if she could lose that double chin, she might actually convince someone to give her a role in a movie.

    PS. You know how some women put pictures of skinny girls on their fridge to motivate themselves to work out? Well, in order to get in shape for her comeback, I recommend she picks pictures of the fat rich guys who’ve been…cough, cough…sponsoring her.

  43. Visible Ink

    Too little too late. She successfully turned herself into a 50 year old hag who burned every bridge behind her so hair color won’t change anything. It’s like Megan Fox trying to erase the Marilyn tattoo after pissing off Steven Spielberg.

  44. Sliver

    So she reads the superficial, then?

  45. cc

    Maybe her colorist can find some ‘L’Oreal Brand New Face’ in a tube.

  46. Lindsay Lohan. Just because you changed your hair doesn’t make you a better person, doesn’t make you look like a better person, feel like a better person or make you any more beautiful. You’re still the same piece of shit you are.

    I’m just waiting around until you die — may it be drug overdose or whatnot, I don’t care. As long as you’re dead. I’ll be throwing a party then. For now, you’re just a wannabe ginger and spiraling downwards like any typical piece of shit failure of an actress.

  47. It’s good to see your red hair back Lindsay. This is the first step of you getting your life, and career in check. Drop all of the moochers, keep only positive influences around you. You can come back to prominece like Drew Barrymore did.

    Stay healthy and happy.

  48. Blech

    Lindsay, for fuck’s sake, drop the alcohol and the douchebags (family included) and you’ll be just fine.

  49. Lindsay Lohan Red Hair
    Commented on this photo:

    Was the blonde hair a wig? Where did her fringe (Australian lingo here) go now that she’s a ginger again?

  50. Carla

    Too wrinkled, too late.

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