Lindsay Lohan Is A Racist Who Spits On People Now

“Unh, this door opens like an N-word.”

If you’re wondering what big changes Lindsay Lohan has in store for 2016, go ahead and put her down for somehow being way more obnoxious at bars plus racism. Page Six reports:

The bartender told The Post that Lohan and her sister, Ali, spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom of VBar in Greenwich Village on Friday night when he finally knocked on the door and asked the pair to leave.
Lohan hurled racist insults at the man, he said.
“Are you from Ghana?” she mocked, according to the bartender, who wouldn’t give his name.
She then spat in the face of a customer who tried to intervene, the bartender said.

As for what Lindsay and her sister could’ve been doing in a bathroom for 20 minutes, I’m gonna guess talking to Sean Penn who gave them full ownership of Rolling Stone in exchange for letting him write 80,000 words about how he doesn’t know what a smartphone is and farted one time. The man’s on fire.

(Seriously though, it was coke. They were doing coke.)

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Photos: AKM-GSI