Lindsay Lohan Quit/Fired From ‘Inferno’

November 22nd, 2010 // 45 Comments

Her future’s so bright, she’s gotta wear- Oh, wait, no it isn’t.

If you haven’t heard already, after producers deemed her “uninsurable,” Lindsay Lohan has somehow been replaced in the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno despite it being a movie hinged entirely on the publicity of casting her in the first place. According to multiple reports, the role has gone to Malin Akerman of Couples Retreat, Watchmen and, most notably, these pics I posted of her underwear. Of course, in typical famewhore fashion Lindsay Lohan is pulling a Megan Fox if pulling a Megan Fox is even applicable to a film no one will ever see and has even less chance of filming. TMZ reports:

Sources who have spoken to Lindsay within the last hour tell us Lindsay decided to drop out from the film so that she could focus more on her recovery.
We’re told Lindsay felt the project no longer felt right — but that she and the director, Matthew Wilder, remain on good terms and hope to work together in the future.

For those of you keeping score at home, this puts Lindsay’s current employment opportunities at zero, if not in the negatives, because now it’s publicly documented that absolutely no one is stupid enough to insure her. You’d just assume that’d be a given, but then again, there’s always someone looking to lose money for the tax write-off. “Between you and I, Ms. Lohan, I was just going to flush it down the toilet, but fortunately your producers convinced me this was much, much faster.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. LJ

    Since she’s actually sober for the first time in years, and speaking with people who don’t rely on her for their paycheck (like Mom), she may have realized that giving BJs in an Indie NC-17 soon to be “Cult Classic” film might not be the best move for her career.

  2. day at a time

    Holy shit, is that a smile I see on her face? That’s actually refreshing to see her sober and kinda makes me want to root for her. almost.

  3. Dick Knubbler

    I heard she dropped out of the film as soon as she realized it was a movie about someone who sucked cock on film rather than a movie of someone sucking cock on film. When she heard that the cock throating was going to be simulated she wanted no part of it.

  4. Sardonic

    No insurer would touch her which means no bank loan nor completion bond and thus no movie. You still have to smirk at the predictable yet feeble and transparent spin from her handlers. Hopefully there is a modicum of truth to her recovery commitment. The benefit certainly outweighs playing Linda Lovelace in a low budget featue.

    • Levi Coult

      Thanks for clarifying, I wasn’t sure what “not insurable” meant exactly in that industry. Still seems like an excuse, probably more of a story, whatev…

      • I was under the impression that “uninsurable” meant “will be dead of a massive coke OD before the year is out”. But I suppose the other definition is pretty good, too.

  5. Jacob

    First she gets permission to leave rehab to work, and now she’s quitting jobs?

  6. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    i want to be in Palm Springs.

  7. Look at that face, it’s the cute little twin from the Parent Trap, HolySHIT my bad Lindsay! From a hundred yards away I thought you were someone else, please, put the Ray Bans back on!

  8. well Malin Akerman does look more like Linda lovelace.

    Personally i call bull that they ever wanted to hire her. just use her for a PR stunt for the movie.

  9. Hmm...

    Overall she looks healthy here, but there’s something “wrong” with her face (and no I don’t mean the lip injctions).

  10. It’s the return of Dana Plato

  11. slappy magoo

    Watchmen Schmatchmen, Malin Akerman has herself some funny-chops. Check her out in Children’s Hospital.

  12. Lindsay Lohan
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks pretty damned good in these shots. Good luck with recovery & maybe someday having a film career again.

  13. Leo Cocksuckerian

    That’s unfortunate. As you may know Linda Lovelace semi-famously starred in a porno movie with Casper the Copulating Canine and I was looking forward to seeing LL with a dog riding her ass.

  14. fester

    With a poodle wig Malin Akerman will bear a closer resemblance to Linda Lovelace. Of course the most important question is can she unhinge her jaw like a python swallowing a live pig… It’s possible that should be the other way around.

  15. Katy Perry's Press-On Eyelashes

    Fish, you got it all wrong. She left the set after finding out the film wasn’t named after her fire-crotch.

  16. Nate

    The part was never a good idea for her. So either way this is a win for her. No one will insure her? Really and you know this for a fact becuase?… Exactly asshole that is just some stupid shit Perez made up. No mater who the star is and no matter what shit shape they may be in. There is always a insurance company willing to pony up and even offer a good rate. Despite the rumors spread by haters her fashion line is still selling strong. So she still has a “career” it is just in fashion.

  17. Maybe she can get a referral from her car insurance. Then again…

  18. anonymous

    where’s her pepsi can?

    for a person that just got fired from her acting gig, i’m surprised she’s not holding two pepsi cans and a subway sandwich in every photo op.

  19. Lady Blah Blah

    She was fired, she didn’t quit, acting career over.

  20. sere

    you know the economy is bad when a infamous coke whore can’t get a job as a infamous coke whore.

  21. JD

    It’s time to show the firecrotch, Lindsay. You know you want to.

  22. Now Now, let’s not dig the grave on her career yet. If she truly cleans up, lays low for a bit, then comes back in more meaningful roles or is willing to make light of her past she may just have enough talent to pull it off. Drew Barrymore did it and she was in WORSE shape than Lindsay.

    As for the role, it could have beena disaster or it could actually be a godsend for an actress trying to make an impact. If played right, it could be very lucrative for a budding or struggling actress down the road. Look at Mickey Rourke and The Wrestler …

  23. jojo

    Excuse Me Miss Lohan, You can not gag!

  24. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks more and more like the lady two trailers down every day.

  25. Johnny Cage

    Well that sucks. I want to see her full frontals dammit. Machette didn’t cut it, as it was one of those “hair/hands covering important parts” kind of tease.

  26. Damn it, I was looking forward to being all strung out and naked…rather than her being all strung out and clothed. Well, no reason to see this movie now, I’ve already seen Malin Ackerman naked and it wasn’t that interesting…

  27. JollyJumJuck

    I wouldn’t worry about Hohan. Either she’ll make enough from residuals from her previous films, or someone will come and rescue her financially. God won’t let anything terrible happen to His Favorite Child.

  28. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    now she can play the lead in ‘Mad Magazine: The Movie’.

  29. herbiefrog

    ya’all may ‘ave misst it

    but we decided long ago…

    …that we werent doint “that” MOVIE


  30. MrLaardi

    Pffft, who cares about some totally over rated bimbo? I know I don’t.

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